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Title: Vapor phase oxidation of p?xylene
Authors: Mathur, B.C.
Viswanath, D.S.
Issue Date: 1978
Citation: The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 1978, Vol.56, 2, pp.223-229
Abstract: The kinetics of the vapor phase oxidation of p?xylene over ferric molybdate catalyst were studied in an isothermal, differential, tubular flow reactor in the temperature range of 360 to 420� C. The major product obtained was p?tolualdehyde with small amounts of maleic anhydride and p?toluic acid. No terephthalic acid or CO2 were observed. The reaction rate data collected fit the redox model given by Equation 1. The values of activation energies Ex, Eo and frequency factors Ax, Ao obtained are 72, 63 kJ/mol and 0.64, 2.89 m3/kg catalyst s respectively. The reaction mechanism was established by studying the oxidation of p?tolualdehyde, toluic and terephthalic acids. It is concluded that the reaction follows a parallel?consecutive scheme. Copyright � 1978 Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering
URI: 10.1002/cjce.5450560210
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