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dc.contributor.authorShaik, S.V.
dc.contributor.authorSetty, A.B.T.P.
dc.identifier.citationInternational Journal of Heat and Technology, 2019, Vol.37, 1, pp.80-94en_US
dc.description.abstractThe present work emphasis on theoretical computation of thermodynamic performance of window air conditioner using various sustainable R290/RE170 and R1270/RE170 refrigerant mixtures as substitutes to R22. In this work, apart from R407C, twelve new binary mixtures comprising of R290, R1270 and RE170 at various compositions were developed. And also in this investigation, a MATLAB code was developed to compute the thermodynamic performance characteristics of various considered R22 alternatives at Tk=54.4 0C and Te=7.2 C. The various performance characteristics computed are mass flow rate, refrigeration effect, compressor work, coefficient of performance (COP), pressure ratio, compressor discharge temperature, power consumed per ton of refrigeration, condenser heat rejection and volumetric cooling capacity. Results showed that the COP of refrigerant mixture RM7 (R1270/RE170 95/5 by mass %) was the highest among twelve refrigerants studied and it was 0.23 % higher than R22. Pressure ratio of RM7 (3.174) was 7.49 % lower than that of R22 (3.431). Compressor discharge temperature of all the twelve investigated refrigerants was lower in the range of 9.35 0C to 17.15 0C when compared with R22. Power consumed per ton of refrigeration of RM7 was 0.27 % lower than that of R22. Volumetric cooling capacity of RM7 (3833 kJ/m3) was very close to that of R22 volumetric capacity (3863 kJ/m3). Heat transfer through condenser of RM7 (6.372 kW) was similar to that of R22 (6.377 kW). Overall, thermodynamic performance of RM7 matches well with the performance of base line refrigerant R22 and hence, refrigerant RM7 can be considered as sustainable alternative to R22 used in air conditioners. 2019 International Information and Engineering Technology Association. All rights reserved.en_US
dc.titleThermodynamic analysis of window air conditioner using sustainable refrigerant R290/RE170 and R1270/RE170 blends as substitutes to refrigerant R22en_US
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