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dc.contributor.authorDhanush, S.
dc.contributor.authorSreejesh, M.
dc.contributor.authorBindu, K.
dc.contributor.authorChowdhury, P.
dc.contributor.authorNagaraja, H.S.
dc.identifier.citationMaterials Research Bulletin, 2018, Vol.100, , pp.295-301en_US
dc.description.abstractElectrochemical sensors are one of the important applications of electrochemistry. In this paper, synthesis, characterization and application of Silver Dendrites and Silver Dendrites/rGO sensors for simple and fast determination of Paracetamol are described. Silver dendrites and their composite with graphene oxide were synthesized by galvanic replacement method. The synthesized samples were characterized by XRD, SEM and TEM. XRD reveals the FCC structure of silver and TEM images show the formation of dendritic silver wrapped in the graphene sheets. The Electrochemical paracetamol sensing properties of these samples were tested using cyclic voltammetry and chronoamperometry. The silver dendrites exhibit a sensitivity of 2.807 105?A/mM/g and a lower detection limit of 2.5 ?M, whereas, the composite with graphene oxide exhibits a high sensitivity of 2.511 106?A /mM/g with a lower detection limit of 0.025 ?M. 2018 Elsevier Ltden_US
dc.titleSynthesis and electrochemical properties of silver dendrites and silver dendrites/rGO composite for applications in paracetamol sensingen_US
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