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Title: Sliding wear and mechanical properties of alumina/glass fabric/epoxy composites
Authors: Shivamurthy, B.
Anandhan, S.
Udaya, Bhat, K.
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: KGK Kautschuk Gummi Kunststoffe, 2015, Vol.68, 9, pp.46-53
Abstract: In this study, laminates of neat glass fabric/ epoxy composite (GEC) and three levels of Al2O3 filled glass fabric/epoxy composites, designated as 3AGEC, 6AGEC and 9AGEC (micro particulates of Al2O3 - by 3, 6 and 9 wt. % of resin respectively) were prepared using hand lay-up method. 3AGEC exhibits higher tensile strength, flexural strength and flexural modulus besides improved hardness compared to GEC, 6AGEC and 9AGEC. 3AGEC exhibits the lowest specific wear rate compared to GEC, 6AGEC and 9AGEC at all the three loads (i.e., 15, 30 and 45 N) and at a constant sliding velocity of 3.5 m s-1 for a sliding distance of 1.5 km. It was found that beyond filler content of 3 wt. % is deteriorates the mechanical and sliding wear properties of the composites due to agglomeration of the filler. Also, it was found that lowest factor signifies lowest specific wear rate in both neat and all the Al2O3 filled composites.
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