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Title: Performance of cascode Class-EF?1 PA with built-in techniques for UWB radar toward monitoring of patient actions
Authors: Kumar, R.
Dwari, S.
Kanaujia, B.K.
Kumar, S.
Song, H.
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: IET Circuits, Devices and Systems, 2020, Vol.14, 2, pp.235-242
Abstract: This work proposes a performance of the cascode Class-EF?1 power amplifier (PA) for UWB radar transmitter. The cascode Class-E PA with built-in techniques overcomes the traditional mismatch and provides good performance of PA. Incurs the resonance and switching effect is observed in cascode Class-E PA that compensates for the parasitic effects and provides a wide-impedance range. While design-II includes negative capacitance and inverse Class-F, which achieves a redundant performance of wide bandwidth and power-added efficiency (PAE). Design-II achieves the redundant performance compared with design-I. Both design-I and design-II are implemented and analysed through simulation and experimental results using RF 65 nm Samsung Magnachip Hynix CMOS process. Design-I achieves a wide-impedance bandwidth ranging from 3 to 11.7 GHz with drain efficiency (DE) and maximum PAE of 80 and 73% at the output power of 26.4 dBm. The global efficiency (GE) and error vector magnitude (EVM) of 70 and 5.2% are also achieving for design-I. The redundant performance in design-II achieves wide bandwidth with operating frequency range of 2-13 GHz with maximum DE and PAE of 85 and 76%. For design-II, GE and EVM are investigated as 68 and 4.9% that could validate the accuracy and robustness of the UWB radar. The Institution of Engineering and Technology 2019
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