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Title: Range adjustable hybrid multi path routing algorithm for WSNs
Authors: Nishant, J.D.
Kulkarni, M.
Shivaprakasha, K.S.
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: International Journal of Sensor Networks, 2017, Vol.25, 2, pp.71-85
Abstract: Node disjoint multipath routing is an effectiveway to achieve reliability and load balancing in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). In this paper, an attempt has been made in proposing a novel node disjoint multipath routing algorithm, the range adjustable hybrid multipath (RAHM). RAHM uses hybrid routing approach. The centralised node disjoint path selection is based on the objective of minimising the end to end communication drain on each path. The localised distributed route reconfiguration initiates on the node failure events and the route re-establishment is based on the objective of residual energy of the nodes. The performance of the proposed algorithm is validated through simulations and compared with collection tree protocol (CTP) and multipath ring routing protocol. RAHM performs around 36% and 76% better in terms of network lifetime parameter compared to CTP and multipath ring routing protocol respectively. 2017 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.
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