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dc.contributor.authorLai, G.S.
dc.contributor.authorYusob, M.H.M.
dc.contributor.authorLau, W.J.
dc.contributor.authorGohari, R.J.
dc.contributor.authorEmadzadeh, D.
dc.contributor.authorIsmail, A.F.
dc.contributor.authorGoh, P.S.
dc.contributor.authorIsloor, A.M.
dc.contributor.authorArzhandi, M.R.-D.
dc.identifier.citationSeparation and Purification Technology, 2017, Vol.178, , pp.113-121en_US
dc.description.abstractIn this work, a new type of mixed matrix membranes (MMMs) composed of dual-nanofillers at different ratios of hydrous manganese oxide (HMO) and titanium dioxide (TiO2) was fabricated with the objective of improving properties of polyethersulfone (PSF)-based membrane for oil-water separation process. The morphology and surface chemistry of the resultant MMMs were characterized by several analytical instruments, i.e., SEM-EDX, contact angle goniometer and FTIR spectrometer prior to separation performance evaluation using oily solution composed of 500 or 2000 ppm. The results showed that the membrane surface hydrophilicity was greatly improved upon addition of hydrophilic nanofillers and HMO in particular showed greater extent of hydrophilicity enhancement owing to the fact that it is associated with higher amount of [sbnd]OH functional groups compared to TiO2. The improved surface hydrophilicity coupled with formation of long finger-like voids in the membrane structure are the main factors leading to greater water flux of MMMs in comparison to control PES membrane. MMM2 (membrane made of HMO:TiO2ratio of 0.75:0.25) and MMM4 (HMO:TiO2ratio of 0.25:0.75) in particular were the best two performing nanofillers-incorporated membranes owing to their good balance between water flux and oil removal rate. They achieved 31.73% and 26.41% higher water flux than that of the control membrane without sacrificing oil removal rate. Most importantly, these nanofillers-incorporated membranes showed significantly lower degree of flux decline as a result of improved surface resistance against oil fouling and are of potential for long-term operation with extended lifespan. 2017 Elsevier B.V.en_US
dc.titleNovel mixed matrix membranes incorporated with dual-nanofillers for enhanced oil-water separationen_US
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