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dc.contributor.authorMahendra, K.
dc.contributor.authorBhat, K.S.
dc.contributor.authorNagaraja, H.S.
dc.contributor.authorUdayashankar, N.K.
dc.identifier.citationJournal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 2019, Vol.30, 13, pp.12566-12576en_US
dc.description.abstractSemiorganic crystals play vital role in the design and development of optical devices. In this context, we report the synthesis of metalorganic potassium hydrogen oxalate oxalic acid dihydrate (KHO) single crystals using slow solvent evaporation technique. Further, Co(OH)2 nanoparticles pre-synthesized using hydrothermal method are doped to KHO single crystals. Doping of Co(OH)2 nanoparticles in the crystal system were confirmed through XRD, EDAX and PL measurements. The XRD measurements indicate a shift in the peak positions and variation in the overall intensities. On the other hand, PL measurements also indicate enhanced emission peaks confirming the successful doping of Co(OH)2 nanoparticles in the KHO system. As the effect of doping, the declination in the optical bandgap and improvement of electronic conductivity were also observed. 2019, Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature.en_US
dc.titleModulations of physio-chemical and electronic properties of metalorganic KHO single crystals through Co(OH)2 nanoparticles dopingen_US
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