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Title: K means clustering for gene-gene interaction in episodic memory
Authors: Tripathi, S.
Sharma, A.K.
Mishra, R., B.
Pandey, B.
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: International Journal of Control Theory and Applications, 2016, Vol.9, Specialissue11, pp.5529-5540
Abstract: In this paper K means Clustering Algorithm is used for clustering of candidate genes related to human episodic memory. The clustering of genes is based on gene-gene interaction score. The clusters are supposed to be formed so that distribution of cluster as well as overall interaction Score of clusters should be better. The K-means clustering technique applied to cluster the genes such as in tool STRING 9.1 provides cluster outcome. We compare the results of K means Clustering provided by STRING 9.1 with our K means Clustering Algorithm. The results obtained using K-means shows that clusters formed have better distribution of genes. International Science Press.
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