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Title: Isolation of Thiobacillus sp from aerobic sludge of distillery and dairy effluent treatment plants and its sulfide oxidation activity at different concentrations
Authors: Ravichandra, P.
Mugeraya, G.
Rao, A.G.
Ramakrishna, M.
Jetty, A.
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: Journal of Environmental Biology, 2007, Vol.28, 4, pp.819-823
Abstract: In the present study two strains of Thiobacillus sp were isolated from aerobic sludge of distillery and dairy effluent treatment plant using standard methods of isolation and enrichment. Experiments were conducted using isolated cultures in batch bioreactor with initial sulfide concentration of 75 and 150 mg/l. The effect of initial sulfide concentration on the activity of isolated Thiobacillus sp was studied. Sulfide oxidizing capacity was also determined at different initial sulfide concentrations. The results from the study indicate the possible isolation of Thiobacillus cultures from native source and application in the full-scale reactor. Triveni Enterprises.
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