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Title: Investigation on electromagnetic transients of distributed generation systems in the microgrid
Authors: Gaonkar, D.N.
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Electric Power Components and Systems, 2010, Vol.38, 13, pp.1486-1497
Abstract: The increasing interconnection of distributed generation sources of diverse technologies to low-voltage grids introduces considerable complexity in its operation and control. The concept of the microgrid is emerging as a solution to this and also to take full advantage of the potential offered by distributed generation. In this article, the performance of a typical microgrid with multiple distributed generation systems in grid-connected and autonomous modes of operation has been investigated through simulation. The developed model of the microgrid consists of a converter-interfaced microturbine generation system, a synchronous-generator-based distributed generation system, and a wind power generation system with an asynchronous generator. Investigation has been carried out to study the typical electromagnetic transients of a microgrid, due to preplanned and unplanned switching events. The performance of the bidirectional grid interface topology for a microturbine generation system in a microgrid is evaluated in this work. It has been observed from the simulation results that the motoring mode operation of the microturbine generation system during starting does not cause any disturbances in the microgrid. The study also indicates that the microgrid can maintain the desired power quality at the point of common coupling. Copyright Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.
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