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dc.contributor.authorSuchitra, S.M.
dc.contributor.authorUdayashankar, N.K.
dc.identifier.citationMaterials Research Express, 2018, Vol.5, 1, pp.-en_US
dc.description.abstractPorous anodic aluminium oxide (AAO) membranes with a highly ordered pore arrangement are typically used as ideal templates for the synthesis of numerous nanostructured materials. Highly ordered templates gained significant attraction due to the fact that they are readily fabricated through self-organised simple anodization process. In this paper, the effect of different pore-widening treatments on the quality of the pores of the AAO templates prepared with different electrolytes were inspected. Results confirmed that, without altering the interpore distance different pore dimensions and diameters of the AAO templates can be easily achieved by chemical pore widening process at room temperature. Also, graphitic carbon nitride nanorods of different dimension have been fabricated from AAO template after porewidening process. These nanostructures are widely used in case of metal free visible light driven photo catalysis, photo degradation of organic pollutants, photo electric conversion and water splitting applications. 2018 IOP Publishing Ltd.en_US
dc.titleInfluence of porewidening duration on the template assisted growth of graphitic carbon nitride nanostructuresen_US
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