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Title: Improving Download Throughput by Saving the Transmission Bandwidth in Vehicular Networks
Authors: Patil, A.
Shet, N.S.V.
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 2019, Vol.44, 4, pp.3967-3976
Abstract: Internet of vehicles focuses on globalization of vehicular networks by providing better communication means between vehicles and other infrastructures also between vehicles and human. The efficient data transfer between moving vehicles as well as between vehicles and roadside units is one of the current demands of vehicular network standards. Index coding has proven its significance in reducing number of transmissions in wireless networks. In this paper, we focus on satisfying demands of multiple clients with reduced number of transmissions at server. The proposed contention-based protocol uses index coding to reduce transmissions. Multiple files can be transmitted in a single file using index coding, which eventually reduce transmissions and also save transmission bandwidth. The effect of vehicle speed and available number of clients on the system throughput is presented in this paper. Simulation results show that our proposed design achieves higher throughput than IEEE 1609.4 and VEMMAC, and it also saves the transmission bandwidth at server, since multiple files are transmitted in a single transmission. 2019, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals.
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