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dc.contributor.authorPrakashiah, B.G.
dc.contributor.authorNityananda, Shetty, A.
dc.contributor.authorAmitha, Rani, B.E.
dc.identifier.citationJOM, 2019, Vol.71, 12, pp.4880-4890en_US
dc.description.abstractThe effect of adding thiosemicarbazone derivatives on the anticorrosion properties of epoxy primer coatings on aluminum alloy 2024-T3 was investigated. (E)-2-(2,4-dihydroxybenzylidene)hydrazinecarbothioamide (2,4-DHC), (E)-2-(3,4-dihydroxybenzylidene)hydrazinecarbothioamide (3,4-DHC), and (E)-2-(2,3,4-dihydroxybenzylidene)hydrazinecarbothioamide (2,3,4-THC) were supplemented to epoxy primer that is generally used in aircraft paint systems; and its anticorrosion property was examined by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and salt spray test. Field emission scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive x-ray analysis were used to study the surface topology of the coating system. 2,4-DHC and 3,4-DHC doped primer coating exhibits good barrier properties, while 2,3,4-THC doped primer coating exhibits good barrier properties along with active corrosion protection. 2019, The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society.en_US
dc.titleImprovement of Anticorrosion Properties of Epoxy Primer Coating on Aluminum Alloy 2024-T3 by Thiosemicarbazone Derivativesen_US
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