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dc.contributor.authorSuresh, S.-
dc.contributor.authorDas, D.-
dc.contributor.authorLal, S.-
dc.contributor.authorGupta, D.-
dc.identifier.citationRemote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment, 2018, Vol.10, , pp.104-119en_US
dc.description.abstractResearches in satellite remote sensing images mainly revolves around enhancement of contrast and removal of noise in image, which affects the data comprehensibility and clarity. Hence, it is always a challenge to process the satellite remote sensing images in order to obtain better quality images with enhanced visibility and minimum image artifacts for improving their application value. In this paper, an effective quality enhancement framework is proposed, which mainly focuses on contrast enhancement of satellite remote sensing images. Several satellite remote sensing images were tested to ratify the effectiveness of the proposed method over other existing remote sensing enhancement methods and their quantitative results are borne out by NIQMC (No Reference Image Quality Metric for Contrast distortion), BIQME (Blind Image Quality Measure of Enhanced images), MICHELSON (Michelson Contrast), DE (Discrete Entropy), EME (Measure of enhancement) and PIXDIST (Pixel distance) along with qualitative results comparison. Results depict that the visual enhancement obtained using the proposed method is superior to other existing enhancement methods. Finally, the simulation results unveil that proposed method is effective and efficient for satellite remotes sensing images. 2018 Elsevier B.V.en_US
dc.titleImage quality restoration framework for contrast enhancement of satellite remote sensing imagesen_US
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