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Title: Estimation of saturated hydraulic conductivity using fuzzy neural network in a semi-arid basin scale for murum soils of India
Authors: More, S.B.
Deka, P.C.
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: ISH Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 2018, Vol.24, 2, pp.140-146
Abstract: Saturated hydraulic conductivity, Ks is an important input parameter in modeling flow process in soil. Measurement of Ks in field is time consuming and costly. Also, due to inherent temporal and spatial variability of this parameter, large number of samples are required to characterize the areas of site. In this study, a hybrid approach consists of Fuzzy Neural Network (FNN), has been proposed to estimate Ks from limited number of field measurements using Guelph permeameter. The various soil properties such as bulk density, porosity, specific gravity, sand, clay, silt and organic matter were used as input variables and Ks was kept as output. In this study, 175 field measurements and soil samples were collected in a grid of 40 m 200 m with uniform spacing along the slope of barren land in the site of Punanaka (Solapur city), India. To quantify the prediction accuracy, this FNN approach is compared with regression, Fuzzy Mamdani approach and artificial neural network with BP algorithm. The various statistical performance indices like root mean square error, coefficient of determination (R2), and Mean relative error were used for evaluation of model performance. It was found that the hybrid FNN approach in comparison with others could more accurately predict saturated hydraulic conductivity. 2017 Indian Society for Hydraulics.
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