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dc.contributor.authorBini, A.A.
dc.contributor.authorBhat, M.S.
dc.identifier.citationMultidimensional Systems and Signal Processing, 2014, Vol.25, 1, pp.41-65en_US
dc.description.abstractSpeckle is a form of multiplicative and locally correlated noise which degrades the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and contrast resolution of ultrasound images. This paper presents a new anisotropic level set method for despeckling low SNR, low contrast ultrasound images. The coefficient of variation, a speckle-robust edge detector is embedded in the well known geodesic "snakes" model to smooth the image level sets, while preserving and sharpening edges of a speckled image. The method achieves much better speckle suppression and edge preservation compared to the traditional anisotropic diffusion based despeckling filters. In addition, the performance of the filter is less sensitive to the speckle scale of the image and edge contrast parameter, which makes it more suitable for the detection of low contrast features in an ultrasound image. We validate the method using both synthetic and real ultrasound images and quantify the performance improvement over other state-of-the-art algorithms in terms of speckle noise reduction and edge preservation indices. 2012 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.en_US
dc.titleDespeckling low SNR, low contrast ultrasound images via anisotropic level set diffusionen_US
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