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Title: Computational model for the transverse stress analysis of FGM plates - An assessment
Authors: Swaminathan, K.
Naveenkumar, D.T.
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering, 2013, Vol.6, 4, pp.633-637
Abstract: This paper presents the complete theoretical formulation and the analytical solutions for stress analysis of functionally graded material (FGM) plates using First-order Shear Deformation Theory (FSDT). The material properties are assumed to be isotropic along the plane of the plate and vary through the thickness according to the power law function. The governing equations of equilibrium are derived using Principle of Minimum Potential Energy (PMPE) and the analytical solutions are obtained in closed-form using Navier's solution technique. The effect of variation of side-to-thickness ratio, modulus of elasticity ratio, edge ratio and the power law function on the behaviour of the plate is studied. Numerical results are presented for the transverse displacement, the in-plane and the transverse stresses. 2013 CAFET-INNOVA TECHNICAL SOCIETY.
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