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Title: Autonomic cloud computing: Self management in cloud computing
Authors: Anithakumari, S.
Chandrasekaran, K.
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: ICIC Express Letters, 2014, Vol.8, 11, pp.2959-2964
Abstract: Cloud computing presents an innovative computing paradigm in which computational power is provided as a service utility similar to electricity. The enhancing dynamism, heterogeneity and interactivity in software services, applications and networks leads to complex and unmanageable systems in cloud environment. This difficulty can be addressed by utilizing self managing computing model such as autonomic computing for cloud service provisioning. The collaboration of cloud and autonomic computing gives rise to anew form of computing service called autonomic cloud service. Without autonomic techniques, efficient monitoring and management of current cloud systems become impossible because the scale of such systems is increasing day by day. This paper gives a brief review of technologies which lead to Autonomic Cloud Computing and also discusses some services, applications and case studies in Autonomic Clouds. 2014 ICIC International.
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