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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2006Effect of injection pressure on the performance and emission of diesel engine using blend of methyl esters of karanja oil and diesel as fuelKapilan, N.; Reddy, R.P.; Basavaraj, T.-
2006Distributed multi level security token based authentication for ubiquitous objects -DMSAKulkarni, U.P.; Vadavi, J.V.; Joshi, S.M.; Sekaran, K.C.; Yardi, A.R.-
2006Microstructure evolution in AI-7Si-0.3Mg alloy during partial melting and solidification from melt: A comparisonNyamannavar, S.; Ravi, M.; Narayan, Prabhu, K.-
2006Integrated coastal zone management plan and coastal zone information system for Mangalore Coast, West Coast of IndiaDwarakish, G.S.; Shetty, D.; Rajarama; Pai, J.; Natesan, U.-
2006MoVW-mixed oxide as a partial oxidation catalyst for methanol to formaldehydeRamachandra, B.; Jung, S.C.; Kim, K.-S.; Choo, K.-Y.; Sung, J.-S.; Kim, T.-H.-
2006Benzene hydroxylation to phenol with iron impregnated activated carbon catalystsChoi, J.-S.; Kim, T.-H.; Choo, K.-Y.; Sung, J.-S.; Saidutta, M.B.; Ramachandra, B.; Rhee, Y.-W.-
2006Effect of volume fraction and particle size of reinforcement on thermal analysis and heat transfer parameters of gravity die cast hypereutectic Al-22% SI alloy matrix compositesSubramanya, P.K.; Hegde, S.; Prabhu, K.N.-
2006Comparative study of ocean wave spectrum using ENVISAT SAR data and wave rider buoy dataPai, B, J.; Kumar, R.; Sarkar, A.; Hegde, A.V.; Dwarakish, G.S.-
2006The limit of limitsBabu, Narayan, K.S.-
2006Modelling and simulation of a wind/diesel hybrid power systemKini, A.S.; Yaragatti, Udaykumar R.-