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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2019An Integrated Deep Learning Approach towards Automatic Evaluation of Ki-67 Labeling IndexLakshmi, S.; Vijayasenan, D.; Sumam, David S.; Sreeram, S.; Suresh, P.K.-
2018Wavelet based Noise Reduction Techniques for Real Time Speech EnhancementRavi, B.R.; Deepu, S.P.; Ramesh, Kini, M.; Sumam, David S.-
2017Accelerating real-time computer vision applications using HW/SW co-designAnirudh, B.K.; Venkatraman, V.; Kumar, A.R.; Sumam, David S.-
2016Fully automated radiogrammetric measurement of third metacarpal bone from hand radiographAreeckal, A.S.; Sumam, David S.; Kocher, M.; Jayasheelan, N.; Kamath, J.-
2019Cortical volumetry using 3D reconstruction of metacarpal bone from multi-view imagesJayakar, A.D.; Sambath, G.; Areeckal, A.S.; Sumam, David S.-
2018Early diagnosis of osteoporosis using active appearance model and metacarpal radiogrammetrySam, M.; Areeckal, A.S.; Sumam, David S.-
2015Adaptive Reconfigurable Architecture for Image DenoisingHegde, K.V.; Kulkarni, V.; Harshavardhan, R.; Sumam, David S.-
2017FPGA implementation of adaptive beamforming in hearing aidsSamtani, K.; Thomas, J.; Varma, G.A.; Sumam, David S.; Deepu, S.P.-
2016Estimation of attack time constant for dynamic range compressors in hearing AIDSDeepu, S.P.; Sumam, David S.; Ramesh, Kini, M.-
2008Underdetermined blind source separation using binary time-frequency masking with variable frequency resolutionAnandkumar, A.J.G.; Aneesh, Ghosh, T.A.; Damodaram, B.T.; Sumam, David S.-