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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2020A Surrogate Forward Model Using Artificial Neural Networks in�Conjunction with Bayesian Computations for 3D Conduction-Convection Heat Transfer�ProblemHarsha, Kumar, M.K.; Vishweshwara, P.S.; Gnanasekaran, N.-
2020A Novel Deep Learning Approach for the Removal of Speckle Noise from Optical Coherence Tomography Images Using Gated Convolution�Deconvolution StructureMenon, S.N.; Vineeth, Reddy, V.B.; Yeshwanth, A.; Anoop, B.N.; Rajan, J.-
2020Role of Activation Functions and Order of Input Sequences in Question AnsweringChenna, Keshava, B.S.; Sumukha, P.K.; Chandrasekaran, K.; Usha, D.-
2020Note Transcription from Carnatic MusicSuma, S.M.; Koolagudi, S.G.; Ramteke, P.B.; Rao, K.S.-
2020Effect of Microstructure on the Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior in Al�Zn�Mg�Cu AlloyNandana, M.S.; Udaya, B.K.; Manjunatha, C.M.-
2020Optimisation of machining parameters for end milling of maraging steel MDN 250 using TiAlSiN and TiSiN coated WC-Co insertsVarghese, V.; Jagmalpuria, A.; Badiger, P.V.; Ramesh, M.-
2020Multi-robot coverage using Voronoi partitioning based on geodesic distanceNair, V.G.; Guruprasad, K.R.-
2020Investigation of iron ores based on the bond grindability testHarish, H.; Vardhan, H.; Raj, M.G.; Kaza, M.; Sah, R.; Sinha, A.; Kumar, S.B.-
2020Intrinsic evaluation for english�tamil bilingual word embeddingsSanjanasri, J.P.; Menon, V.K.; Rajendran, S.; Soman, K.P.; Anand, Kumar, M.-
2020Void Avoidance Node Deployment Strategy for Underwater Sensor NetworksNazareth, P.; Chandavarkar, B.R.-