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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2021Investigations on Low Switching Frequency Pulse Width Modulation Techniques for Lower Order Harmonic Elimination and Switching Loss Reduction in Voltage Source Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive ApplicationsArumalla, Raviteja.Harischandrappa, Nagendrappa.; Figarado, Sheron.
2021Investigations on Performance Improvement of Electrical Power Distribution System with Incorporation of DSTATCOM and Distributed Energy SourcesSaralaya, Sanath.Sharma, K Manjunatha.
2021Analysis and Design of Fixed-Frequency Controlled LCL-T Type DC-DC Soft-Switching Power Converter for Renewable Energy ApplicationsG, Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy.Harischandrappa, Nagendrappa.
2021Multiple-Terminal Grid Interconnected Offshore Wind Farms: Development of Transient Behavioural Simulation Models and Protection SchemesMohan M.Vittal, K Panduranga.
2021Investigations on High-Frequency Transformer Isolated CLL Resonant DC-DC Power Converter for Renewable Energy ApplicationsPatil, Uday.Harischandrappa, Nagendrappa.
2021Development of Situational Awareness Platform for the Safety in MiningRamesh B.Vittal, K Panduranga.
2021Pulse Amplitude Modulation Control of BLDC Motor using Bridgeless SEPIC with Coupled InductorsPavanaU, Vinatha
2021Performance Analysis and Improvement of Power Systems Ring-Down Electromechanical Mode Identification AlgorithmsRao, Krishna.Shubhanga, K N.
2021Efficient Control of Power Conversion Interfaces for Solar Grid-Tie InverterDamodaran, Roopa Viswadev.Venkatesaperumal, B.
2019Design and Control of LowVoltage Dynamic Voltage Restorers employing Semi-Z-Source InvertersRemya, V. K.Parthiban, P.