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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2012T3P mediated synthesis of some new quinoline substituted pyrazole derivatives and its antibacterial studiesChandrakantha, B.; Isloor, A.M.; Peethambar, S.K.; Shetty, P.-
2018T4-like Escherichia coli phages from the environment carry blaCTX-MMohan, Raj, J.R.; Vittal, R.; Huilgol, P.; Bhat, U.; Karunasagar, I.-
2019TAGS: Towards Automated Classification of Unstructured Clinical Nursing NotesGangavarapu, T.; Jayasimha, A.; Krishnan, G.S.; S, S.K.-
2009Taguchi's technique in machining of metal matrix compositesShetty, R.; Pai, R.B.; Rao, S.S.; Nayak, R.-
2020Tailoring composite materials for nonlinear viscoelastic properties using artificial neural networksXu X.; Elgamal M.; Doddamani M.; Gupta N.-
2020Tailoring solulan C24 based niosomes for transdermal delivery of donepezil: In vitro characterization, evaluation of pH sensitivity, and microneedle-assisted Ex vivo permeation studiesNayak A.S.; Chodisetti S.; Gadag S.; Nayak U.Y.; Govindan S.; Raval K.-
2019Talent management strategies and customer delight: A conceptual studyMaben, A.S.; Uchil, R.-
2017Target specific influence maximization: An approach to maximize adoption in labeled social networksTejaswi, V.; Bindu, P.V.; Santhi Thilagam, P.-
1928Taschenbuch Fur BauingenieureFoerstcr, Ing E H Max-
1928Taschenbuch Fur BauingenieureMax Foerster, Ing E H-
2012Taxonomy of network layer attacks in wireless mesh networkReddy, K.G.; Santhi Thilagam, P.-
2015TCP congestion control in data center networksTahiliani, R.P.; Tahiliani, M.P.; Chandra Sekaran K.-
2016TCP evaluation suite for ns-3Mishra, D.K.; Vankar, P.; Tahiliani, M.P.-
2016TCP Kay: An end-to-end improvement to TCP performance in lossy wireless networks using ACK-DIV technique and FECKrishnaprasad, K.; Tahiliani, M.P.; Kumar, V.-
2012TCP variants for data center networks: A comparative studyTahiliani, R.P.; Tahiliani, M.P.; Sekaran, K.C.-
2020Tea leaf disease prediction using texture-based image processingSrivastava, A.R.; Venkatesan, M.-
2020Teaching EARS to undergrads in the pandemic - Industry academia experienceNair G.V.; Jeppu Y.; Tahiliani M.P.-
2018Teaching formal methods at undergraduate/graduate level: The three perspectivesJeppu, N.; Jeppu, Y.; Devi, M.K.K.-
1950The Technical Aspect of the Design of RoadsChampion, Stewart; Hamer, Herbert-
1950The Technical Aspect of the Design of RoadsChampion, Stewart-