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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018Identification and Analysis of Influence in Social Networks: User Centric ApproachN., SumithBhattacharya, Swapan; B, Annappa
2016Identification and Apportionment of Pollution Sources to Groundwater QualityGulgundi, M.S.; Shetty, A.-
2018Identification and Apportionment of Pollution Sources to Groundwater Quality Using Receptor ModelsMohammad Shahid GulgundiAmba Shetty
2020Identification and characterization of hydrothermally altered minerals using surface and space-based reflectance spectroscopy, in parts of south-eastern Rajasthan, IndiaChattoraj S.L.; Sharma R.U.; Kumar C.; Champati ray P.K.; Sengar V.-
2013Identification and characterization of novel indole based small molecules as anticancer agents through SIRT1 inhibitionPanathur, N.; Udayakumar, D.; Koushik, P.V.; Alvala, M.; Yogeeswari, P.; Sriram, D.; Kumar, V.-
2018Identification and Control of an Unstable SOPTD system with positive zeroDhanya Ram V.; Sankar Rao C.-
2015Identification of allied raagas in Carnatic musicUpadhyaya, P.; Suma, S.M.; Koolagudi, S.G.-
2010Identification of Artificial recharge sites in hard rock terrain using RS and GIS in Chintapally Mandal, Nalgonda District, Andhra Pradesh, IndiaRaju, A.; Reddy, A.G.S.; Reddy, D.V.-
2019Identification of effective location of thermocouples from the contact interfacePalanikumar P.; Gnanasekaran N.; Subrahmanya K.; Kaliveeran V.-
2017Identification of invalid time-delay-groups using discriminant and Jacobian-determinant in acoustic emission PD source localisationAntony, D.; Punekar, G.S.-
2020Identification of Nasalization and Nasal Assimilation from Children’s SpeechRamteke P.B.; Supanekar S.; Aithal V.; Koolagudi S.G.-
2020Identification of Palatal Fricative Fronting Using Shannon Entropy of SpectrogramRamteke P.B.; Supanekar S.; Aithal V.; Koolagudi S.G.-
2021Identification of potential sources affecting fine particulate matter concentration in delhi, indiaHarsha K.; Nagendra S.M.S.; Deka P.C.-
2014Identification of robust synthon in the molecular salts of 2-aminothiazole with substituted benzoic acids: A case studyOruganti, M.; Pallepogu, R.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2021Identification of the best-fit probability distribution and modeling short-duration intensity-duration-frequency curves—mangaloreFemin C.V.; Varija K.-
2003Identification of voice disorders using speech samplesNayak, J.; Bhat, P.S.-
2015Identifying gamakas in Carnatic musicVyas, H.M.; Suma, S.M.; Koolagudi, S.G.; Guruprasad, K.R.-
2019Identifying Parking Lots from Satellite Images using Transfer LearningKumar S.; Thomas E.; Horo A.-
2018Identifying Provenance of Information and Anomalous Paths in Attributed Social NetworksTrivedi, H.; Bindu, P.V.; Santhi Thilagam, P.-
2020Identifying the performance areas affecting the project performance for Indian construction projectsIngle P.V.; Mahesh G.; M.D D.-