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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2018Fabrication and characterisation of RF MEMS capacitive switches tuned for X and Ku bandsShajahan, E.S.; Bhat, M.S.-
2016Fabrication and characterization of new PSF/PPSU UF blend membrane for heavy metal rejectionMoideen, K, I.; Isloor, A.M.; Ismail, A.F.; Obaid, A.; Fun, H.-K.-
2019Fabrication and characterization of polyphenylsulfone-based membranes with nanocomposite additives for water purification applicationNayak, M Chandra ShekharIsloor, Arun M.
2013Fabrication and characterization of thermal evaporated n-Si/ p-ZnTe thin film heterojunction diodesRao, G.K.; Bangera, K.V.; Shivakumar, G.K.-
2015Fabrication and characterization of ZnO/AI/ZnO multilayers by simultaneous DC and RF magnetron sputteringNagaraja, K.K.; Kumar, A.S.; Nagaraja, H.S.-
2011Fabrication and electrical characterization of vacuum deposited n-CdTe/p-ZnTe heterojunction diodesBangera, K.V.; Rao, G.K.; Shivakumar, G.K.-
2012Fabrication and high-temperature structural characterization study of porous anodic alumina membranesChoudhari, K.S.; Sudheendra, P.; Udayashankar, N.K.-
2021Fabrication and mechanical properties of braided flax fabric polylactic acid bio-compositesKanakannavar S.; Pitchaimani J.-
2016Fabrication and performance evaluation of hybrid supercapacitor electrodes based on carbon nanotubes and sputtered TiO2Aravinda, L.S.; Nagaraja, K.K.; Nagaraja, H.S.; Bhat, K.U.; Bhat, B.R.-
2018Fabrication of ?-MPS-Modified HNT PMMA Nanocomposites by Ultrasound-Assisted Miniemulsion PolymerizationBuruga, K.; Kalathi, J.T.-
2017Fabrication of a novel hollow fiber membrane decorated with functionalized Fe2O3 nanoparticles: Towards sustainable water treatment and biofouling controlHebbar, R.S.; Isloor, A.M.; Ananda, K.; Abdullah, M.S.; Ismail, A.F.-
2020Fabrication of Ag/PDMS-TiO2 flexible piezoresistive pressure sensorKumari K.; R R.; ArunKumar D.S.; Meti S.; Rahman M.R.-
2020Fabrication of AgWO4/CNT nanomaterial for high capacity lithium ion batteryBrijesh K.; Prajil M.K.; Nagaraja H.S.-
2020Fabrication of eggshell derived hydroxyapatite polymer composite membrane for efficient removal of thorium ions from aqueous solutionsRavindran C.; Panayam Parambil Kunnathulli A.; Kunhikrishnan Maniath J.; Isloor A.M.-
2016Fabrication of hair and copper fiber reinforced polymethyl methacrylate (pmma) composites and evaluation of their mechanical properties, thermal conductivity and color stability for dental applicationsJayaprakash, K.; Nandish, B.T.; Rijesh, M.; Nayak, J.; Bhat, S.M.; Shetty, K.H.K.; Shetty, A.N.; Prabhu, S.-
2011Fabrication of monomode channel waveguides in photosensitive polymer on optical adhesiveSinghal, R.; Satyanarayan, M.N.; Pal, S.-
2012Fabrication of nanoporous alumina and their structural characteristics study using SEM image processing and analysisChoudhari, K.S.; Jidesh, P.; Udayashankar, N.K.-
2018Fabrication of novel PPSU/ZSM-5 ultrafiltration hollow fiber membranes for separation of proteins and hazardous reactive dyesNayak, M.C.; Isloor, A.M.; Moslehyani, A.; Ismail, N.; Ismail, A.F.-
2016Fabrication of polydopamine functionalized halloysite nanotube/polyetherimide membranes for heavy metal removalHebbar, R.S.; Isloor, A.M.; Ananda, K.; Ismail, A.F.-
2018Fabrication of polyetherimide nanocomposite membrane with amine functionalised halloysite nanotubes for effective removal of cationic dye effluentsHebbar, R.S.; Isloor, A.M.; Inamuddin; Abdullah, M.S.; Ismail, A.F.; Asiri, A.M.-