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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2016Cache analysis and software optimizations for faster on-chip network simulationsParane, K.; Prabhu, Prasad, B.M.; Talawar, B.-
2008CAD tools for antennasBhavatharini, S.; Raghavan, S.; Kumar, D.S.-
2014Cadmium (II) and nickel (II) biosorption by Bacillus laterosporus (MTCC 1628)Kulkarni, R.; Shetty, K.V.; Srinikethan, G.-
2019Cadmium sulfide nanostructures: Influence of morphology on the photocatalytic degradation of erioglaucine and hydrogen generationShenoy, S.; Jang, E.; Park, T.J.; Gopinath, C.S.; Sridharan, K.-
2020Calcium oxalate degrading thermophilic oxalate oxidase from newly isolated Fusarium oxysporum RBP3Jacob Kizhakedathil M.P.; Bose R.; Belur P.D.-
2019Calcium phosphate bioceramics with polyvinyl alcohol hydrogels for biomedical applicationsSantosh, Kumar, B.Y.; Isloor, A.M.; Anil, S.; Venkatesan, J.; Mohankumar, G.C.-
2019Calcium-Induced Photoluminescence Quenching of Graphene Quantum Dots in Hard Water: A Quick Turn-Off Sensing ApproachMishra, P.; Bhat, B.R.-
2012Calculation of friction coefficients in journal bearings to determine the turning gear motor powerManoj, Kumar, A.P.; Nayak, N.S.-
2022Calibration of Vehicle and Driver Characteristics for Vissim Model, Ann-Based Sensitivity Analysis, Traffic Management, and Signal Design Using Ga for Mangalore CityBandi, Marsh M.George, Varghese
2020Calibration of Vehicle and Driver Characteristics in VISSIM and ANN- based Sensitivity AnalysisBandi M.M.; George V.-
2014The calibration of vehicle and pedestrian flow in mangalore city using PARAMICSPrusty, S.K.; Phadnis, R.; Kunal, R.P.-
2019Calorespirometric investigation of Streptococcus zooepidemicus metabolism: Thermodynamics of anabolic payload contribution by growth and hyaluronic acid synthesisMohan, N.; Pavan, S.S.; Achar, A.; Swaminathan, N.; Sivaprakasam, S.-
1902The Cambridge Modern History Vol. IAction, Lord-
2012CAMP: Congestion adaptive multipath routing protocol for VANETsRaviteja, B.L.; Annappa, B.; Tahiliani, M.P.-
2016Campus adaptations by age cohortVijayalakshmi, N.S.; Sequeira, A.H.-
2017Can coffee certification schemes increase incomes of smallholder farmers? Evidence from Jinotega, NicaraguaJena, P.R.; Stellmacher, T.; Grote, U.-
2020Can increase in the share of renewable energy in economic growth shift turning point of ekc? Evidence from time-series analysis in IndiaTanti P.C.; Srujana I.S.; Jena, P.R.-
2019Can minimum tillage enhance productivity? Evidence from smallholder farmers in KenyaJena, P.R.-
2018Cancelable iris template generation using modulo operationPrasad, M.V.N.K.; Jyothi, A.; Lasya, K.-
2019Capacitance and impedance spectroscopy studies of polymer light emitting diodes based on MEH-PPV:BT blendsNimith, K.M.; Sterin, N.S.; Das, P.P.; Umesh, G.; Satyanarayan, M.N.-