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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
16-Jun-2023B. Ravi Takes charge as Director of NIT -K--
2018Ba-ZnO nanoparticles for photo-catalytic degradation of chloramphenicolKulkarni, R.M.; Malladi, R.S.; Hanagadakar, M.S.; Shetti, N.P.; Doddamani, M.-
2017Back propagation genetic and recurrent neural network applications in modelling and analysis of squeeze casting processPatel, G.C, M.; Shettigar, A.K.; Krishna, P.; Parappagoudar, M.B.-
2020Backstepping Controller with Dual Self-Tuning Filter for Single-Phase Shunt Active Power Filters under Distorted Grid Voltage ConditionJayasankar V.N.; Vinatha U.-
2015Backstepping Sliding Mode Control for variable speed wind turbineRajendran, S.; Jena, D.-
2015Backstepping sliding mode control of a variable speed wind turbine for power optimizationRAJENDRAN, S.; JENA, D.-
2018Backstepping terminal sliding mode control of robot manipulator using radial basis functional neural networksVijay, M.; Jena, D.-
2010Backward dynamics, Inverse limit Theory and p-adic integersPalimar, S.; Shankar, B.R.-
2018Backward sweep technique based phase balancing algorithm for secondary distribution systemMansani, S.; Yaragatti, Udaykumar R.-
14-Jun-2019Bacterial based synthesis of Core shell AgO@TiO2 nano particles for photocatalytic water disinfection and dye degradationShetty K, Vidya; Kilpady, Afshan; Deekshitha-
2019Bacterial Cellulose production by K. saccharivorans BC1 strain using crude distillery effluent as cheap and cost effective nutrient mediumGayathri, G.; Srinikethan, G.-
2012Bacterial quorum sensing: Functional features and potential applications in biotechnologyMangwani N.; Dash H.R.; Chauhan A.; Das S.-
2019Bacteriological synthesis of iron hydroxysulfate using an isolated Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans strain and its application in ametryn degradation by Fenton's oxidation processBhaskar, S.; Manu, B.; Sreenivasa, M.Y.-
2019Bad signature identification in a batch using error detection codesKittur, A.S.; Kauthale, S.; Pais, A.R.-
2018A Bag-of-Phonetic-Codes Modelfor Cyber-Bullying Detection in TwitterShekhar, A.; Venkatesan, M.-
2018A balancing between super transparency and conductivity of solution combustion derived titanium doped indium oxide: Effect of charge carrier density and mobilityPujar, P.; Vardhan, R.V.; Gupta, D.; Mandal, S.-
2020Ball bearing fault diagnosis based on vibration signals of two stroke ic engine using continuous wavelet transformRavikumar K.N.; Madhusudana C.K.; Kumar H.; Gangadharan, K.V.-
2021Ball Comparison Between Four Fourth Convergence Order Methods Under the Same Set of Hypotheses for Solving EquationsArgyros I.K.; George S.-
2019Ball comparison for three optimal eight order methods under weak conditionsArgyros, I.K.; George, S.-
2015Ball convergence comparison between three iterative methods in Banach space under hypothese only on the first derivativeArgyros, I.K.; George, S.-