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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2016AB Initio Studies of the Ground State Structure and Properties of Boron Carbides and Ruthenium CarbidesG, HarikrishnanK. M, Ajith
2017Abelian codes over Eisenstein-Jacobi integers for MIMO systemsRaghavendra, M.A.N.S.; Goutham, Simha, G.D.; Udupi, S.-
2011Abrasive wear behavior of granite-filled glass-epoxy composites by SiC particles using statistical analysisBasavarajappa, S.; Yadav, S.M.; Kumar, S.; Arun, K.V.; Narendranath, S.-
2008An abstraction based communication efficient distributed association rule miningSanthi Thilagam, P.; Ananthanarayana, V.S.-
2019Academic Curriculum Load Balancing using GAChakradhar, M.; Charan, M.S.; Sai, R.U.; Kunal, M.; Murthy, Y.V.S.; Koolagudi, S.G.-
2012Academic Performance Evaluation of Students-Ubiquitous System AnalysedHalemane, K.P.-
2012Accelerated consolidation of coir reinforced lithomargic laterite soil blends with vertical sand drains for pavementsGeorge, V.; Hegde, R.; Vardhana, M.V.; Santosh, G.; Gotamey, D.-
2019Accelerating MCMC using model reduction for the estimation of boundary properties within Bayesian frameworkGnanasekaran N.; Harsha Kumar M.K.-
2017Accelerating real-time computer vision applications using HW/SW co-designAnirudh, B.K.; Venkatraman, V.; Kumar, A.R.; Sumam, David S.-
2013An access control model for cloud computing environmentsThomas, M.V.; Sekaran, K.C.-
2020Accurate estimation of decay coefficients for dynamic range compressors in hearing aids and a hardware level comparison of different architecturesDeepu, S.P.; Kini, M.R.; Sumam, David S.-
2017Accurate lumen diameter measurement in curved vessels in carotid ultrasound: an iterative scale-space and spatial transformation approachKrishna, Kumar, P.; Araki, T.; Rajan, J.; Saba, L.; Lavra, F.; Ikeda, N.; Sharma, A.M.; Shafique, S.; Nicolaides, A.; Laird, J.R.; Gupta, A.; Suri, J.S.-
2016An accurate modeling of different types of photovoltaic modules using experimental dataRamana, V.V.; Jena, D.; Gaonkar, D.N.-
2015An accurate modeling of photovoltaic system for uniform and non-uniform irradianceRamana, V.V.; Jena, D.; IEEE-
2018Accurate parametrization and methodology for selection of pertinent single diode photovoltaic model with improved simulation efficiencyGudimindla, H.; Sharma, K, M.-
2018Accurate Performance Analysis of 3D Mesh Network on Chip ArchitecturesHalavar, B.; Talawar, B.-
2018Accurate Power and Latency Analysis of a Through-Silicon Via(TSV)Pasupulety, U.; Halavar, B.; Talawar, B.-
2019Accurate Router Level Estimation of Network-on-Chip Architectures using Learning AlgorithmsKumar, A.; Talawar, B.-
2019Acetaminophen micropollutant: Historical and current occurrences, toxicity, removal strategies and transformation pathways in different environmentsPhong, Vo, H.N.; Le, G.K.; Hong, Nguyen, T.M.; Bui, X.-T.; Nguyen, K.H.; Rene, E.R.; Vo, T.D.H.; Thanh, Cao, N.-D.; Raj Mohan, Balakrishnan-
2019Acetone and Diethyl ether: Improve cold flow properties of Dairy Washed Milkscum biodieselSrikanth, H.V.; Venkatesh, J.; Godiganur, S.; Manne, B.-