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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2021Tribocorrosion Behaviour of Biomedical Porous Ti–20Nb–5Ag Alloy in Simulated Body FluidShivaram M.J.; Arya S.B.; Nayak J.; Panigrahi B.B.-
2017Tribological and corrosion properties of AM70 magnesium alloy processed by equal channel angular pressingGopi, K.R.; Shivananda, Nayaka, H.-
2019Tribological Behaviour of Graphite-Reinforced FeNiCrCuMo High-Entropy Alloy Self-Lubricating Composites for Aircraft Braking Energy ApplicationsPrabhu, T.R.; Arivarasu, M.; Chodancar, Y.; Arivazhagan, N.; Sumanth, G.; Mishra, R.K.-
2019Tribological behaviour of monolayer and multilayer Ti-based thin solid films deposited on alloy steelBadiger, P.V.; Desai, V.; Ramesh, M.R.; Joladarashi, S.; Gourkar, H.-
2020Tribological behaviour of natural fibre 3D braided woven fabric reinforced PLA compositesKanakannavar S.; Pitchaimani J.; Ramesh M.R.-
2020Tribological performance of wire arc additive manufactured 347 austenitic stainless steel under unlubricated conditions at elevated temperaturesDuraisamy R.; Kumar S.M.; Kannan A.R.; Shanmugam N.S.; Sankaranarayanasamy K.; Ramesh M.R.-
2015Tribological response of cenosphere/epoxy syntactic foamsManakari, V.; Parande, G.; Bafna, K.; Doddamani, M.; Gupta, N.-
2018Tribology and Mechanical Properties of Carbon Fabric/MWCNT/Epoxy CompositesShivamurthy, B.; Murthy, K.; Anandhan, S.-
2006Trifluoromethyl-quinolin-yl-thio-propanohydrazide as an effective inhibitor of mild steel corrosion in HCl solutionRamesh, Saliyan, V.; Adhikari, A.V.-
2019Trigger Event and Hate Content: Insights from Twitter AnalyticsChetty N.; Alathur S.-
2014Trihydrazone functionalized cyanopyridine discoids: Synthesis, mesogenic and optical propertiesAhipa, T.N.; Adhikari, A.V.-
2017Triple reduced surface field drain extended MOS device design and its RF performance evaluation for sub-micron RF SoC platformSomayaji, B.J.; Bhat, M.S.-
2008Tropical river basin development- a case study in selection of sites for vented damsRajeev, V.S.; Mahesha, A.-
2011Tropical, Seasonal River Basin Development through a Series of Vented DamsShetkar, R.V.; Mahesha, A.-
2011Tropical, Seasonal River Basin Development: Hydrogeological AnalysisShetkar, R.V.; Mahesha, A.-
2010Truncated tip triangular microstrip patch antennaChaturvedi, A.; Bhomia, Y.; Yadav, D.-
2012A trust based approach for AODV protocol to mitigate black hole attack in MANETThachil, F.; Shet, K.C.-
2019Trust Based Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor NetworkKarthik, N.; Ananthanarayana, V.S.-
2018A Trust Based Security of Resources in Cloud EnvironmentD, UshaChandrasekaran, K.
2020A trust model based batch verification of digital signatures in IoTKittur, A.S.; Pais, A.R.-