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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2016Utilization of Nanostructured Fly Ash in Polymer Matrix CompositesPatil, Akshata G.Anandhan, S.
2013Utilization of renewable agricultural residues for the production of extracellular halostable cellulase from newly isolated halomonas sp. strain PS47Shivanand, P.; Mugeraya, G.; Kumar, A.-
2013Utilization of Renewable Agricultural Resources for Ectoine, Xylanase and Cellulase Production from Newly Isolated Halophilic BacteriaS, PoojaMugeraya, Gopal
2020V3O2: hybrid deep learning model for hyperspectral image classification using vanilla-3D and octave-2D convolutionMohan A.; Meenakshi Sundaram V.-
2020Vaccination drive and cyber threats in IndiaVasudevan J.; Alathur S.-
2019VaFLE: Value flag length encoding for images in a multithreaded environmentKinnal, B.A.; Pasupulety, U.; Geetha, V.-
2011Validation of an analytical model for spiral wound reverse osmosis membrane module using experimental data on the removal of dimethylphenolSrinivasan, G.; Sundaramoorthy, S.; Murthy, D.V.R.-
2015Validation of an integral sliding mode control for optimal control of a three blade variable speed variable pitch wind turbineSaravanakumar, R.; Jena, D.-
2016Valley-Coherent Hot Carriers and Thermal Relaxation in Monolayer Transition Metal DichalcogenidesKallatt, S.; Umesh, G.; Majumdar, K.-
2020Vanadium-doped BaTiO3 as high performance thermoelectric material: role of electronic structure engineeringShenoy U.S.; Bhat D.K.-
2021Vanadium-doped graphitic carbon nitride for multifunctional applications: Photoelectrochemical water splitting and antibacterial activitiesReddy I.N.; Reddy L.V.; Jayashree N.; Reddy C.V.; Cho M.; Kim D.; Shim J.-
2020Vanadium-Doped SrTiO3 Nanocubes: Insight into role of vanadium in improving the photocatalytic activityBantawal, H.; Shenoy, U.S.; Bhat, D.K.-
1978Vapor phase oxidation of p?xyleneMathur, B.C.; Viswanath, D.S.-
2011Vapor-liquid equilibrium of ammonia-water-lithium nitrate solutionsSathyabhama, A.; Ashok, Babu, T.P.-
2018Variability of streambed hydraulic conductivity in an intermittent stream reach regulated by Vented Dams: A case studyNaganna, S.R.; Deka, P.C.-
2014Variable speed wind turbine for maximum power capture using adaptive fuzzy integral sliding mode controlRajendran, S.; Jena, D.-
13-Nov-2020Variable Stiffness Magnetorheological IsolatorGangadharan, K V; Kattari, Kiran-
1998Variable-feedrate CNC interpolators for constant material removal rates along Pythagorean-hodograph curvesFarouki, R.T.; Manjunathaiah, J.; Nicholas, D.; Yuan, G.-F.; Jee, S.-
2020Variation and artificial neural network prediction of profile areas during slant type taper profiling of triangle at different machining parameters on Hastelloy X by wire electric discharge machiningManoj I.V.; Narendranath S.-
2020Variation of Time Lag, Decrement Factor and Inside Surface Temperature with Solar Optical Properties of Building Envelope in Different Climatic Zones of IndiaMahapatra D.; Ashok Babu T.P.-