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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2017Transient analysis of subcritical/supercritical carbon dioxide based natural circulation loop with end heat exchangers: experimental studyYadav, A.K.; Ramgopal, M.; Bhattacharyya, S.-
2014Transient analysis of subcritical/supercritical carbon dioxide based natural circulation loops with end heat exchangers: Numerical studiesYadav, A.K.; Ram, Gopal, M.; Bhattacharyya, S.-
2020Transient analysis of upstream wake inside turbine blade passage with purge flowSushanlal, B.; Anish, S.-
2020Transient behavioural modelling of Battery Energy Storage System supporting MicrogridJoshua A.M.; Vittal K.P.-
2018Transient CHF enhancement in high pressure pool boiling on rough surfaceWalunj, A.; Sathyabhama, A.-
2017Transient dynamic distributed strain sensing using photonic crystal waveguidesSagar, H.P.; Mahalingam, V.; Mahapatra, D.R.; Hegde, G.; Hanagud, S.; Rahman, M.R.-
2018Transient heat transfer characterization of impinging hot / cold jets by analytical IHCPKadam, A.R.; Hindasageri, V.; Kumar, G.N.-
2014Transient temperature and char conversion profiles in wood during devolatilization in a fluidized bed combustorDhanarathinam, R.S.; Kolar, A.K.-
2014Transition metal complexes as catalysts for alcohol oxidationRani, SandyaB, Ramachandra Bhat
2011Transition metal complexes of 5-bromosalicylidene-4-amino-3-mercapto-1,2,4- triazine-5-one: Synthesis, characterization, catalytic and antibacterial studiesRamasubramanian, A.S.; Bhat, B.R.; Dileep, R.; Rani, S.-
2022Transition Metal Oxides Based Devices for Nonvolatile Resistive Random Access Memory ApplicationsN. S., STERINDas, Partha Pratim
2005Transition metals supported on activated carbon as benzene hydroxylation catalystsChoi, J.-S.; Kim, T.-H.; Choo, K.-Y.; Sung, J.-S.; Saidutta, M.B.; Song, S.-D.; Rhee, Y.-W.-
2020Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Syntheses of IndazolesJanardhanan J.C.; Bhaskaran R.P.; Praveen V.K.; Manoj N.; Babu B.P.-
2003Transmission and storage of medical images with patient informationAcharya U. R.; Subbanna Bhat S.; Kumar S.; Min L.C.-
2013Transmission studies on horizontal interlaced multi-layer moored floating pipe breakwater (HIMMFPB) with three layers of pipesHoolihalli, M.V.; Hegde, A.V.-
2019Transmit Data Rate Control Based Decentralized Congestion Control Mechanism for VANETsPatil, A.; Deeksha, M.; Shekar, N.; Shet, V.; Kulkarni, M.-
1989Transportation of granite statuesBasavarajaiah, B.S.-
2019Transverse deflection and vibration of curved sandwich beamRajappa, N.; Kadoli, R.; Joladarashi, S.-
2010Transverse stresses in antisymmetric angle ply sandwich plates - Analytical evaluation of refined higher order shear deformation theoriesSwaminathan, K.; Sangwai, G.R.-
2012TRANSYT-12 in the design and analysis of coordinated traffic signaling for three major junctions of Mangalore CityGeorge, V.; Hemanth, K.R.-