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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2014UG Curriculum 2014NITK, Surathkal-
2015UG Curriculum 2015NITK, Surathkal-
2016UG Curriculum 2016NITK, Surathkal-
2017UG Curriculum 2017NITK, Surathkal-
2018UG Curriculum 2018NITK, Surathkal-
2019UG Curriculum 2019NITK, Surathkal-
2020UG Curriculum 2020NITK, Surathkal-
2021UG Curriculum 2021NITK, Surathkal-
2010UGC- Infonet E-journal consortium: An Indian model for higher educationGowda, P.-
18-May-2018Ulnar Neuropathy DeviceGangadharan K.; Desai, Vijay; et al.-
2017Ultra high performance concrete-sustainable solution for the next generation infrastructureGowda, H.; Das, B.B.-
2013Ultra low power active-RC filter in 180 nm CMOS technologyRekha, S.; Laxminidhi, T.-
2019Ultra low voltage, low power active-RC filter in 90 nm CMOS technologyYeshwanth Y.P.; Prasad T.P.V.; Mudadla V.; Pavan; Rekha S.-
2020Ultra Low-Voltage, Low-Power Fourth-Order Butterworth LPF for ECG Signal ProcessingHanumantha R.G.; Sreenivasulu P.; Rekha S.; Bhat M.S.-
2020Ultra-broadband fabrication-tolerant mode division (de)multiplexer on thin film Lithium niobateKaushalram A.; T.R Y.; Das P.P.; Hegde G.; Talabattula S.-
2019Ultra-low voltage, power efficient continuoustime filters in 180 nm CMOS technologyRekha, S.; Harishchandra, V.M.; Laxminidhi, T.-
2021Ultra-sensitive clogging free combustible molecular precursor-based screen-printed ZnO sensors: a detection of ammonia and formaldehyde breath markersManjunath G.; Nagaraju P.; Mandal S.-
2017Ultrafast and short pulse optical nonlinearity in isolated, sparingly sulfonated water soluble graphenePerumbilavil, S.; Sridharan, K.; Koushik, D.; Sankar, P.; Pillai, V.P.M.; Philip, R.-
2013Ultrafast dynamics of autoionizing states in O2 probed by laser-field-assisted XUV photoionizationZhu, C.; Ko, D.H.; Kang, K.S.; Lee, J.; Lee, J.-H.; Umesh, G.; Krishnakumar, E.; Nam, C.H.-
2009Ultrafast nonlinear optical properties of dye-doped PMMA discs irradiated by 40 fs laser pulsesXia, Y.; Jiang, Y.; Fan, R.; Dong, Z.; Zhao, W.; Chen, D.; Umesh, G.-