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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2014Uptake of certain heavy metals from contaminated soil by mushroom-Galerina vittiformisDamodaran, D.; Vidya, Shetty, K.; Raj Mohan, Balakrishnan-
2014Urban land cover classification using hyperspectral dataHegde, G.; Ahamed, J.M.; Hebbar, R.; Raj, U.-
2020Urban Weighted Green Index- A study of urban green space in relation to Land Surface Temperature for Lucknow city, IndiaVerma R.; Kundapura S.-
2019Usage Pattern of Institutional Repositories for Scholarly Communication by Academician in MaharashtraGohain, Rashmi Rekha; Angadi, Mallikarjun-
2012Usage potential of melt processed plastic pellets as a substitute to fine aggregate in porous concretesManeeth, P.D.; Lokesh, G.; Yaragal, S.C.; Babu, Narayan, K.S.-
2017Usage potential of recycled aggregates in mortar and concreteYaragal, S.C.; Roshan, A.K.M.-
2020Use Cases of Authentication Protocols in the Context of Digital Payment SystemThawre G.; Bahekar N.; Chandavarkar B.R.-
2010Use of a CFD code in the investigation of cross corrugated heat transfer surfacesBabu, T.P.A.; Shekoor, T.M.-
2021Use of antioxidants for enhancing oxidative stability of bulk edible oils: a reviewMishra S.K.; Belur P.D.; Iyyaswami R.-
2019Use of cellulose acetate/polyphenylsulfone derivatives to fabricate ultrafiltration hollow fiber membranes for the removal of arsenic from drinking waterKumar, M.; RaoT., S.; Isloor, A.M.; Ibrahim, G.P.S.; Inamuddin; Ismail, N.; Ismail, A.F.; Asiri, A.M.-
2019Use of concrete wastes as the partial replacement of natural fine aggregates in the production of concreteSaha S.; Rajasekaran C.; Vinay K.-
2012The use of Dimensional Analysis and Optimization of Pneumatic Drilling Operations and Operating ParametersKivade, S.B.; Murthy, C.S.N.; Vardhan, H.-
2018Use of discrete wavelet features and support vector machine for fault diagnosis of face milling toolMadhusudana, C.K.; Gangadhar, N.; Kumar, H.; Narendranath, S.-
2019Use of foundry sand as partial replacement of natural fine aggregate for the production of concreteSaha S.; Rajasekaran C.; More A.P.-
2014Use of genetic algorithm to determine lightning channel-base current-function parametersChandrasekaran, K.; Punekar, G.S.-
2019Use of geoinformatics and geophysical applications in landslide studies: An overviewThejashree G.; Lokesh K.N.; Dwarakish G.S.-
2010Use of impedance spectroscopy to study the integrity of the aluminium oxide films in mercury embrittled aluminiumClegg, R.E.; Srivastava, A.; Amoghavarsha, M.-
2009Use of inclined compound triangular notch-weir to improve discharge rangeShivapur, A.V.; Mulangi, R.H.; Govardhan, Swamy, H.S.-
2019Use of iron ore mine tailings in infrastructure projectsShubhananda, Rao, P.; Gayana, B.C.; Ram Chandar, K.-