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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2020Numerical investigation on the effect of dry and wet compression on a linear low speed compressor cascadeNarayanan, D.; Anand, S.; Anish, S.-
2021Numerical investigation on the sensitivity of endplate design and gas diffusion material models in quantifying localized interface and bulk electrical resistanceShinde U.; Koorata P.K.-
2019Numerical investigation on the wave dissipating performance due to multiple porous structuresVenkateswarlu, V.; Karmakar, D.-
2019Numerical investigation on wave transmission characteristics of perforated and non-perforated pile breakwaterRao, N.; Suryanarayana, Barimar, Rao, P.; Nayak, K.; Kishor, Pal, S.; Hunasanahally, Sathyanarayana, A.; Suvarna, P.; Umesh, P.-
2021Numerical Model Studies to Predict the Wind-Wave Climate Considering Climate Change EffectsK, Sandesh Upadhyaya.Rao, Subba; Manu
2015A numerical modeling approach for study of mudbank impact on coastlineParvathy, K.G.; Ramesh, H.; Noujas, V.; Thomas, K.V.-
2014Numerical modeling of oil spill in the proximity of Krishna- godavari coastal wetlandsHegde, A.V.; Labeeb, C.K.-
2018A numerical modelling approach to assess the behaviour of underground cavern subjected to blast loadsKuili, S.; Sastry, V.R.-
2020Numerical Modelling of 2D Geogrid Reinforced Sand BedSreya M.V.; Makkar F.M.; Sankar N.; Chandrakaran S.-
2020Numerical simulation and characterization of zinc aluminium 12 alloy for latent heat thermal energy storage applicationDey K.; Sannayellappa N.-
2017Numerical simulation and experimental validation of free surface flows during low pressure casting processViswanath, A.; Manu, M.V.; Savithri, S.; Pillai, U.T.S.-
2020Numerical simulation and prediction model development of multiple flexible filaments in viscous shear flow using immersed boundary method and artificial neural network techniquesKanchan M.; Maniyeri R.-
2020Numerical simulation of bioheat transfer: a comparative study on hyperbolic and parabolic heat conductionAkula, S.C.; Maniyeri, R.-
2019Numerical Simulation of Blood Flow through Tortuous and Stenotic Coronary Arteries using Multiphase ApproachBuradi, AbdulrajakArun, M.
2019Numerical simulation of buckling and asymmetric behavior of flexible filament using temporal second-order immersed boundary methodKanchan, M.; Maniyeri, R.-
2020Numerical simulation of flow in a wavy wall microchannel using immersed boundary methodKanchan M.; Maniyeri R.-
2009Numerical simulation of laminar flow past a circular cylinderRajani, B.N.; Kandasamy, A.; Majumdar, S.-
2018Numerical simulation of microgap based focal brain cooling bioimplants for treatment of epilepsyNarendran, G.; Kumar, A.; Gnanasekaran, N.; Arumuga, Perumal, D.-
2018Numerical simulation of oscillating lid driven square cavityIndukuri, J.V.; Maniyeri, R.-
2014Numerical simulation of progressive fracture propagation in petroleum reservoir rock strata using finite element modelingGoyal, R.; Singh, K.; Reddyy, D.V.-