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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2003Investigations on the fracture toughness of austempered ductile iron alloyed with chromiumPrasad, Rao, P.; Putatunda, S.K.-
2003Investigations on the fracture toughness of austempered ductile irons austenitized at different temperaturesPrasad, Rao, R.; Putatunda, S.K.-
2020Investigations on the thermal actuation of carbon black reinforced pdms composite uni-layer and bi-layer cantilever beamsHiremath S.; Desai S.; Kulkarni S.; Karanth N.; Desai V.-
2020Investigations on thermo-mechanical properties of organically modified polymer clay nanocomposites for packaging applicationSudhakar Y.N.; Selvakumar M.; Bhat D.K.-
2019Investigations on Three-Phase Front-End AC-DC Converters for Power Quality ImprovementP, Saravana Prakash.Kalpana, R.
2018Investigations on Vanadyl phthalocyanine and Zinc oxide Based Hybrid PhotodiodesKiran, Manepalli RSatyanarayan, M. N.; Umesh, G.
2018Ion dynamics of a laser produced aluminium plasma at different ambient pressuresSankar, P.; Shashikala, H.D.; Philip, R.-
2016Ionic conductivity and dielectric studies of acid doped cellulose acetate propionate solid electrolyte for supercapacitorSudhakar, Y.N.; Krishna, Bhat, D.; Selvakumar, M.-
2016Ionic liquid-promoted one-pot synthesis of thiazole-imidazo[2,1-b][1,3,4]thiadiazole hybrids and their antitubercular activityRamprasad, J.; Nayak, N.; Udayakumar, D.; Yogeeswari, P.; Sriram, D.-
2014Ionic liquid-salt based aqueous biphasic system for separation of 109Cd from silver targetGhosh, K.; Maiti, M.; Lahiri, S.; Afzal, Hussain, V.-
2020An IoT based Intelligent Smart Energy Management System with accurate forecasting and load strategy for renewable generationPawar, P.; TarunKumar, M.; Vittal, K., P.-
2019IoT Based Joystick Controlled Pibot Using Socket CommunicationRadhika, K.A.; Raksha, B.L.; Sujatha, B.R.; Pruthviraj, U.; Gangadharan, K.V.-
2018IoT based Smart Management of Poultry Farm and Electricity GenerationSitaram, K.A.; Ankush, K.R.; Anant, K.N.; Raghunath, B.R.-
2019Iron pincer complex and its graphene oxide composite as catalysts for Suzuki coupling reactionKumar, L.M.; Mishra, P.; Bhat, B.R.-
2016Irreversible wavelet compression of radiological images based on visual thresholdChandrika, B.K.; Aparna, P.; Sumam, David S.-
2021Is the effect of Indian energy price shocks asymmetric on the stock market at the firm level? A panel SVAR approachAruna B.; Acharya R.H.-
2012Is the prediction of human generation end by the year 2012? A geologic perspective on mass extensionManjunatha B.R.; Venkat Reddy D.-
2012ISCOS 2012 - Patron's messageBhattacharya S.-
2012ISCOS 2012: Message from the general chairsShet K.C.; Radha Krishna P.-
2008ISI cancellation in 4G wireless mobilesPriyatam K.; Banakar R.M.; Shankaranand B.-