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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2020Investigation on dielectric properties of solid silicone rubber particulate compositesShankar, B S Manohar.Kulkarni, S M.
2015Investigation on dust generated during rock cutting by ansys softwareRaghavan, V.; Murthy, Ch.S.N.; Sastry, V.R.-
2013Investigation on effect of processing parameters on properties of recycled-pet composites using taguchi methodPrabhu, K.B.; Chomal, G.J.; M.kulkarni, S.-
2019An investigation on effects of wire-EDT machining parameters on surface roughness of INCONEL 718Naik G.M.; Anjan B.N.; Badiger R.I.; Bellubbi S.; Kumar Mishra D.-
2010Investigation on electromagnetic transients of distributed generation systems in the microgridGaonkar, D.N.-
2019Investigation on electromechanical properties of solid silicone rubber composites with conductive carbon fillerManohar, Shankar, B.S.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2019Investigation on Elevated Temperature Adhesive Wear Behavior of Microwave Fused Thermal Spray Tribaloy Composite CoatingsC, Durga PrasadJoladarashi, Sharnappa; Ramesh, M. R.
2011Investigation on grinding wear behaviour of austempered ductile iron as media material during comminution of iron ore in ball millsHebbar, R.-
2017An investigation on high temperature erosion behaviour of plasma sprayed CoCrALY/Al2O3/YSZ on fe and ni based alloysNithin, H.S.; Desai, V.; Ramesh, M.R.-
2018Investigation on Influence of Geometry on Performance of a Cavity-less Pressure SensorMathias, K.A.; Kulkarni, S.M.-
2018An Investigation on Interconnection of Micro Wind Turbines using Multilevel ConvertersKumaran. G, KodeeswaraParthiban, P
2020Investigation on Iron Ore Grinding based on Particle Size Distribution and LiberationHanumanthappa H.; Vardhan H.; Mandela G.R.; Kaza M.; Sah R.; Shanmugam B.K.; Pandiri S.-
2019Investigation on leaching behaviour of toxic metals from biomedical ash and its controlling mechanismPatel, K.M.; Devatha, C.P.-
2018Investigation on material removal rate, surface and subsurface characteristics in wire electro discharge machining of Ti50Ni50-xCux shape memory alloyManjaiah, M.; Narendranath, S.; Basavarajappa, S.; Gaitonde, V.N.-
2020Investigation on mechanical and temperature dependent electrical properties of potassium hydrogen oxalate oxalic acid dihydrate single crystalMahendra K.; Udayashankar N.K.-
2014Investigation on Mechanical and Wear Properties of Composites from Recycled Polymer for Gears with Optimized Compression MouldingPrabhu, B Krishna.Kulkarni, S. M.
2020Investigation on mechanical behaviour of filament wound glass/epoxy composites subjected to water absorption and also tribological studies using Taguchi methodBiradar S.; Joladarashi S.; Kulkarni S.M.-
2021Investigation on Mechanical Properties of Filament Wound Composites for Pressure VesselBiradar, Srikumar.Joladarashi, Sharnappa.; Kulkarni, S M.
2017Investigation on Mechanical Properties of Reactive Powder Concrete under Different Curing RegimesHiremath, P.; Yaragal, S.C.-
2016Investigation on microstructure and mechanical properties of Friction Stir Welded AA6061-4.5Cu-10SiC compositeHerbert, M.A.; Shettigar, A.K.; Nigalye, A.V.; Rao, S.S.-