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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2020An Investigation on the Influence of Thermal Damage on the Physical, Mechanical and Acoustic Behavior of Indian Gondwana ShaleSrinivasan V.; Tripathy A.; Gupta T.; Singh T.N.-
2017Investigation on the performance of a variable compression ratio engine operated with raw cardanol kerosene blendsRavindra; Aruna, M.; Vardhan, H.-
2019Investigation on the performance of AlCrN and AlTiN coated cemented carbide inserts during end milling of maraging steel under dry, wet and cryogenic environmentsVarghese, V.; K., A.; Ramesh, M.R.; Chakradhar, D.-
2017Investigation on the performance of valveless pump for microdelivery of the fluid, fabricated using tool-based micromachining setupVeeresha, R.K.; Muralidhara; Rao, R.; Tauro, A.M.-
2019Investigation on the potential use of recycled fine aggregate to produce geopolymer mortar mixSaha, S.; Rajasekaran, C.-
2020An investigation on the properties of boron modified Cu Al Be polycrystalline shape memory alloysBala, Narasimha, G.; Murigendrappa, S.M.-
2020Investigation on thermodynamic performance analysis and environmental effects of various new refrigerants used in air conditionersShaik S.V.; Shaik S.; Gorantla K.; Mahapatra D.; Setty A.B.T.P.-
2018Investigation on Tire Pyrolysis Oil (Tpo) as a Fuel for Cook Stove and LampsMohan, A.; Prajeeth, Kumar, K.P.; Madav, V.-
2020Investigation on Wire Electro Discharge Machining Characteristics of TiNiCu Shape Memory AlloysRoy, Abhinaba.S, Narendranath.
2011Investigation to determine the effect of wet surface condition in mines on design of lighting systemAruna, M.; Jaralikar, S.M.-
2020Investigational study of mwcnt’s/silicon oxide nanoparticles/epoxy resin nanocomposite coating on mild steel for anticorrosion and mechanical propertiesGujjar S.V.; Prajapati A.D.; Hunashyal A.M.; Hallad S.; Meti S.-
1990Investigations into reaming processes using a frequency-decomposition techniqueShunmugam, M.S.; Shunmugam, M.S.; Somasundaram, G.-
2016Investigations of Naphthalimide and Pyrene Derivatives Based Organic Light Emitting DiodesUlla, HidayathSatyanarayan, M. N.; Umesh, G.
2013Investigations on Accelerated Consolidation of Coir Reinforced Laterite, Lithomargic Clay and Blended Soils with Vertical Sand Drains for Pavement FoundationsHegde, RamakrishnaGeorge, Varghese; Ravishankar, A.U.
2017Investigations on Alkali-Activated Slag/Fly Ash Concrete with steel slag coarse aggregate for pavement structuresPalankar, N.; Ravi, Shankar, A.U.; Mithun, B.M.-
2012Investigations on boiling-induced nanoparticle coating, transient characteristics, and effect of pressure in pool boiling heat transfer on a cylindrical surfaceHegde, R.N.; Rao, S.S.; Reddy, R.P.-
2019Investigations on Characteristics and Performance of Hard Thin Films Developed by Cathodic Arc EvaporationBadiger, Pradeep V.Desai, Vijay H.; Ramesh, M. R.
2006Investigations on Combined Operation of Industrial Distribution System and utility in Distributed Generation EnvironmentManjunatha, Sharma, K.; Vittal, K.P.; Nagaraja, Rao, T.K.-
2018Investigations on compatibility of cement-superplasticizer interaction and its influence on mortar workability incorporating copper slag as fine aggregateArpitha, D.; Rajasekaran, C.; Puttaswamy, N.-
2011Investigations on electrical properties of the CdxZn 1-xS thin films prepared by spray pyrolysis techniqueRaviprakash, Y.; Bangera, K.V.; Shivakumar, G.K.-