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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2019A deep learning approach to detect drowsy drivers in real timePinto A.; Bhasi M.; Bhalekar D.; Hegde P.; Koolagudi S.G.-
2019Deep Learning Based LSTM and SeqToSeq Models to Detect Monsoon Spells of IndiaViswanath, S.; Saha, M.; Mitra, P.; Nanjundiah, R.S.-
2020Deep Learning Based Smart Garbage Monitoring SystemRao P.P.; Rao S.P.; Ranjan R.-
2019Deep Learning Based Sub-Retinal Fluid Segmentation in Central Serous Chorioretinopathy Optical Coherence Tomography ScansNarendra, Rao, T.J.; Girish, G.N.; Kothari, A.R.; Rajan, J.-
2023Deep Learning For Nuclei Segmentation and Classification of Histopathology ImagesChanchal, Amit KumarLal, Shyam
2021Deep Learning for Stock Index Tracking: Bank Sector CaseArjun R.; Suprabha K.R.; Majhi R.-
2020Deep Learning Model based Ki-67 Index estimation with Automatically Labelled DataLakshmi S.; Sai Ritwik K.V.; Vijayasenan D.; Sumam David S.; Sreeram S.; Suresh P.K.-
2020A Deep Learning Model for the Automatic Detection of Malignancy in Effusion CytologyAboobacker S.; Vijayasenan D.; Sumam David S.; Suresh P.K.; Sreeram S.-
2023Deep Learning Models For Change Detection Analysis Using Geo-Spatial DataNavnath, Naik NiteshChandrasekaran, K; Venkatesan, M
2023Deep Learning-Based Decision Support System For Lung Cancer DetectionJagdish, Dodia ShubhamB., Annappa
2020Deep neural learning for automated diagnostic code group prediction using unstructured nursing notesJayasimha, A.; Gangavarapu, T.; Sowmya, Kamath S.; Krishnan, G.S.-
2019A Deep Neural Network Based End to End Model for Joint Height and Age Estimation from Short Duration SpeechKalluri, S.B.; Vijayasenan, D.; Ganapathy, S.-
2020A deep neural network model for content-based medical image retrieval with multi-view classificationKarthik K.; Kamath S.S.-
2020Deep Neural Network Models for Detection of Arrhythmia based on Electrocardiogram ReportsGhuge S.; Kumar N.; Shenoy T.; Sowmya Kamath S.-
2019Deep Neural Network Models for Question Classification in Community Question-Answering ForumsUpadhya, B.A.; Udupa, S.; Sowmya, Kamath S.-
2010Defence applications of polymer nanocompositesKurahatti R.V.; Surendranathan, A.O.; Kori S.A.; Singh N.; Kumar A.V.R.; Srivastava S.-
2013Defluoridation of fresh water using the process of Electrocoagulation combined with AdsorptionWali, A.; Saidutta, M.B.-
1992Deformation behaviour of titanium aluminides at room temperaturePrasad, Rao, P.; Tangri, K.-
2011Degradation of paracetamol in aqueous solution by Fenton Oxidation and photo-Fenton Oxidation processes using iron from Laterite soil as catalystManu, B.; Mahamood-
2019Degradation of Triclosan from Domestic Wastewater by Biosurfactant Produced from Bacillus licheniformisJayalatha, N.A.; Devatha, C.P.-