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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2017A critical review on probabilistic load flow studies in uncertainty constrained power systems with photovoltaic generation and a new approachPrusty B.R.; Jena D.-
2016A critical review on properties and applications of microbial l-asparaginasesKrishnapura P.R.; Belur, P.D.; Subramanya S.-
2018Critical study on performance of building assessment tools with respect to Indian contextThanu, H.P.; Rajasekaran, C.-
2015Criticality of appreciating non-newtonianivity in plastic injection mould conduit designLakkanna, M.; Kadoli, R.; Mohankumar, G.C.-
2020Criticality of charged ads black hole with a global monopoleNaveena Kumar A.; Rizwan C.L.A.; Ajith K.M.-
2013Crop classification using gene expression programming techniqueNarasipura, O.S.; John, R.L.; Choudhry, N.; Kubusada, Y.; Bhageshpur, G.-
2019Crop pattern change and crop water requirement judgment using remote sensing and gis techniques: A research on tungabhadra dam right canalYadav, A.; Hafeezunnisa; Kappadi, P.K.-
2013Crop stage classification of hyperspectral data using unsupervised techniquesSenthilnath, J.; Omkar, S.N.; Mani, V.; Karnwal, N.; Shreyas, P.B.-
2019Cross Channel Scripting (XCS) Attacks in Web Applications: Detection and Mitigation ApproachesMadhusudhan, R.; Shashidhara-
2011Cross layer service driven adaptive retry limit for IEEE 802.11 mobile ad-hoc networksKiran, M.; Ram Mohana Reddy, Guddeti-
2012Cross-layer IDS for rushing attack in wireless mesh networksGanesh, Reddy, K.; Santhi Thilagam, P.; Rao, B.N.-
2015A Crossbar Interconnection Network in DNATalawar, B.-
2018Crosslinked polymer doped binary coatings for corrosion protectionKaur, H.; Sharma, J.; Jindal, D.; Arya, R.K.; Ahuja, S.K.; Arya, S.B.-
2016Crowdsourcing for disaster relief: A multi-platform modelMurali, S.; Krishnapriya, V.; Thomas, A.-
2018Crude glycerol as a cost-effective carbon source for the production of cellulose by K. saccharivoransGayathri, G.; Srinikethan, G.-
2019Cryptanalysis and Improvement of Dynamic ID Based Remote User Authentication Schemes Using Smart CardHegde, Manjunath VishweshwarMadhusudhan, R.
2016Cryptanalysis and Improvement of Remote User Authentication Scheme Using Smart CardMadhusudhan, R.; Hegde, M.-
2021Cryptanalysis and Improvement of Remote User Authentication Schemes in Telecare Medicine Information SystemNayak, Chaitanya Sadanand.Madhusudhan, R.
2014Cryptanalysis of a remote user authentication protocol using smart cardsMadhusudhan, R.; Kumar, R.S.-
2015Cryptanalysis of remote user authentication scheme with key agreementMadhusudan, R.; Valiveti, A.-