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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2017Assessment of thermally deteriorated concrete by drilling resistance test and sound levelKulkarni, K.S.; Yaragal, S.C.; Babu, Narayan, K.S.; Vardhan, H.-
2011Characteristics of normal strength concrete with and without chemical admixtures at elevated temperaturesYaragal, S.C.; Warad, S.A.; Narayan, K.S.B.; Venkataramana, K.-
2019Characterization and performance of processed lateritic fine aggregates in cement mortars and concretesYaragal, S.C.; Basavana, Gowda, S.N.; Rajasekaran, C.-
2007Combined optimisation simulation model for groundwater management policy optionsYaragal, S.C.; Nagaraj, M.K.-
2019Core recovery: a damage diagnosis tool for thermally deteriorated concreteKulkarni, K.S.; Yaragal, S.C.; S.K, B.N.-
2017Durability studies on concrete with partial replacement of cement and fine aggregates by fly ash and tailing materialSunil, B.M.; Manjunatha, L.S.; Yaragal, S.C.-
2020Durability studies on ferrochrome slag as coarse aggregate in sustainable alkali activated slag/fly ash based concretesYaragal, S.C.; Chethan, Kumar, B.; Jitin, C.-
2017Effect of different curing regimes and durations on early strength development of reactive powder concreteHiremath, P.N.; Yaragal, S.C.-
2019Effect of elevated temperatures on ferrochrome ash based mortarsChethan, Kumar, B.; Yaragal, S.C.; Das, B.B.-
2011Effect of recuring on compressive strength of thermally deteriorated concrete cubesShrilaxmi; Yaragal, S.C.; Babu, Narayan, K.S.-
2002An experimental investigation of mean flow field behind perforated plates on a flat surfaceYaragal, S.C.; Govind, Ram, H.S.; Murthy, K.K.-
2005Experimental investigation of the 2-D flow field associated with bleed flowsYaragal, S.C.; Govinda, Ram, H.S.; Tamura, Y.-
2009Feasibility of gurpur river at Malavoor as a sink for Bajpe town domestic waste disposal - A case studyNarayan, K.S.B.; Kumar, J.P.; Yaragal, S.C.; Shrihari, S.-
2020Ferrochrome ash Its usage potential in alkali activated slag mortarsChethan, K.B.; Yaragal, S.C.; Das, B.B.-
2017Influence of mixing method, speed and duration on the fresh and hardened properties of Reactive Powder ConcreteHiremath, P.N.; Yaragal, S.C.-
2012Investigation of 2-d wake pressures downstream of perforated platesYaragal, S.C.-
2017Investigation on Mechanical Properties of Reactive Powder Concrete under Different Curing RegimesHiremath, P.; Yaragal, S.C.-
2007Load-moment interaction envelopes for design of tall stacks - A limit state approachBabu, Narayan, K.S.; Yaragal, S.C.-
2013Microphone based static pressure probe measurements in two dimensional fluid flowsYaragal, S.C.-
2019Multi-criteria optimization of fly ash and iron ore tailing based concretes subjected to elevated temperaturesYaragal, S.C.; Babu, Narayan, K.S.; Chethan, Kumar, B.; Francis, J.G.-