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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2010Adaptive distance relaying scheme in series compensated transmission linesSrivani, S.G.; Vittal, K.P.-
2013Adaptive protection schemes for feeders with the penetration of SEIG based wind farmRones, V.A.S.; Vittal, K.P.-
2011Air gap mixed eccentricity severity detection in an induction motorSamaga, R.; Vittal, K.P.-
2012Comprehensive study of mixed eccentricity fault diagnosis in induction motors using signature analysisRajalakshmi, Samaga, B.L.; Vittal, K.P.-
2010Computer controlled intrusion-detector and automatic firing-unit for border securityVittal, K.P.; Ajay, P.P.; Ajay, S.B.; Rao, C.H.S.-
2019DC Fault Protection in Multi-terminal VSC-Based HVDC Transmission Systems with Current Limiting ReactorsMohan, M.; Vittal, K.P.-
2019Design and transient studies on multi-terminal VSC-HVDC systems interconnecting offshore wind farmsMohan, M.; Vittal, K.P.-
2018Design of robust H-infinity speed controller for high performance BLDC servo driveKrishnan, T.V.D.; Krishnan, C.M.C.; Vittal, K.P.-
2017Design of smart socket for power optimization in home energy management systemPawar, P.; Vittal, K.P.-
2011Development of adaptive distance relay for STATCOM connected transmission lineSham, M.V.; Chethan, K.S.; Vittal, K.P.-
2011Development of DSP based high speed numerical distance relay and its evaluation using hardware in loop power system simulatorSham, M.V.; Vittal, K.P.-
2003Development of wavelet transform based numeric relay for differential protection of power transformerVittal, K.P.; Gaonakar, D.N.; Fakruddin, D.B.-
2010DQ modeling of induction motor for virtual flux measurementSushma, P.; Rajalakshmi, Samaga, B.L.; Vittal, K.P.-
2011Effect of unbalance in voltage supply on the detection of mixed air gap eccentricity in an induction motor by Motor Current Signature AnalysisSamaga, R.L.; Vittal, K.P.; Vikas, J-
2014Grid integration of wind and photovoltaic hybrid energy systemVinatha, U.; Vittal, K.P.-
2008A heuristic approach for distributed generation sources location and capacity evaluation in distribution systemsSharma, K.M.; Vittal, K.P.; Seshagiri, P.-
2010A heuristic approach to distributed generation source allocation for electrical power distribution systemsManjunatha, Sharma, K.; Vittal, K.P.-
2011Implementation of Turbine EmulatorVinatha, U.; Vittal, K.P.-
2014Inclined mixed air gap eccentricity detection method for an induction motorRajalakshmi, Samaga, B.L.; Vittal, K.P.-
2018Insulation coordination studies and selection of lightning arrester for 765kV switchyardAsha, S.; Vittal, K.P.-