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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2017Bioleaching of copper from electronic waste using Acinetobacter sp. Cr B2 in a pulsed plate column operated in batch and sequential batch modeJagannath, A.; Vidya, Shetty, K.; Saidutta, M.B.-
2007Biological phenol removal using immobilized cells in a pulsed plate bioreactor: Effect of dilution rate and influent phenol concentrationVidya, Shetty, K.; Ramanjaneyulu, R.; Srinikethan, G.-
2012Characteristics of a novel Acinetobacter sp. and its kinetics in hexavalent chromium bioreductionNarayani, M.; Vidya, Shetty, K.-
2013Effect of chelaters on bioaccumulation of Cd (II), Cu (II), Cr (VI), Pb (II) and Zn (II) in Galerina vittiformis from soilDamodaran, D.; Vidya, Shetty, K.; Raj Mohan, Balakrishnan-
2015Extraction and characterisation of cellulose microfibrils from pongamia pinnata seed shellManjula, P.; Srinikethan, G.; Vidya, Shetty, K.-
2017Highly stable silver nanoparticles synthesized using Terminalia catappa leaves as antibacterial agent and colorimetric mercury sensorDevadiga, A.; Vidya, Shetty, K.; Saidutta, M.B.-
2019Kinetic and equilibrium modeling of biosorption of nickel (II) and cadmium (II) on brewery sludgeKulkarni, R.M.; Vidya, Shetty, K.; Srinikethan, G.-
2016Microbial disinfection of water with endotoxin degradation by photocatalysis using Ag@TiO2 core shell nanoparticlesSreeja, S.; Vidya, Shetty, K.-
2014Reduction of hexavalent chromium by a novel Ochrobactrum sp. - microbial characteristics and reduction kineticsNarayani, M.; Vidya, Shetty, K.-
2014Uptake of certain heavy metals from contaminated soil by mushroom-Galerina vittiformisDamodaran, D.; Vidya, Shetty, K.; Raj Mohan, Balakrishnan-