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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2017Agile and cost-effective ultrasonic module for people with visual impairment using a headphone jack: Implications for enhancing mobility aidsKeerthi, Vasan, G.C.; Suresh, B.; Venkatesan, M.-
2018A Bag-of-Phonetic-Codes Modelfor Cyber-Bullying Detection in TwitterShekhar, A.; Venkatesan, M.-
2020An efficient image retrieval system for remote sensing images using deep hashing networkValaboju, S.; Venkatesan, M.-
2020An Efficient Technique for Three-Dimensional Image Visualization through Two-Dimensional Images for Medical DataGunasekaran, G.; Venkatesan, M.-
2019An enlarged map-reduce using 2logmean-PSO optimization for unstructured dataKanimozhi, K.V.; Krishnan, R.; Venkatesan, M.-
2019Graph based Unsupervised Learning Methods for Edge and Node Anomaly Detection in Social NetworkVenkatesan, M.; Prabhavathy, P.-
2018Hybrid Approach for Intrusion Detection SystemSingh, P.; Venkatesan, M.-
2018Hybrid intelligent bayesian model for analyzing spatial dataVelmurugan, J.; Venkatesan, M.-
2019Maximum frequent item set based clustering algorithm for big text dataKanimozhi, K.V.; Rajakumarkrishnan; Venkatesan, M.-
2020Mineral identification using unsupervised classification from hyperspectral dataGupta, P.; Venkatesan, M.-
2019Optimal Band Selection Using Generalized Covering-Based Rough Sets´┐Żon Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Big DataKelam, H.; Venkatesan, M.-
2018Predicting Influenza Outbreak using Constrained Static and dynamic FeatureDofadar, S.; Venkatesan, M.-
2020Spatial data-based prediction models for crop yield analysis: A systematic reviewMohan, A.; Venkatesan, M.-
2020Tea leaf disease prediction using texture-based image processingSrivastava, A.R.; Venkatesan, M.-
2018Text document analysis using map-reduce frameworkKanimozhi, K.V.; Prabhavathy, P.; Venkatesan, M.-