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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2013Bond strength behaviour in reinforced concrete members exposed to corrosive environment - An overviewShetty, A.; Venkataramana, K.; Babu, Narayan, K.S.; Kimura, Y.-
2011Characteristics of normal strength concrete with and without chemical admixtures at elevated temperaturesYaragal, S.C.; Warad, S.A.; Narayan, K.S.B.; Venkataramana, K.-
2009Coastal vulnerability assessment of the future sea level rise in Udupi coastal zone of Karnataka state, west coast of IndiaDwarakish, G.S.; Vinay, S.A.; Natesan, U.; Asano, T.; Kakinuma, T.; Venkataramana, K.; Pai, B.J.; Babita, M.K.-
2019A comparative study of the behavior of CFRP and GFRP laminates in a plate specimen using modified virtual crack closure technique (MVCCT)Javagal, S.; Raju, J.; Venkataramana, K.-
2013Effect of containment reinforcement on the seismic response of box type laterite masonry structures-an analytical evaluationUnnikrishnan, S.; Narasimhan, M.C.; Venkataramana, K.-
2019Effect of in-plan eccentricity in vertically mass irregular RC framed buildings under seismic loadsSatheesh, A.J.; Jayalekshmi, B.R.; Venkataramana, K.-
2014Experimental and finite element analysis of power transformerSrujana, N.; Babu, R.R.; Venkataramana, K.-
2015Experimental and numerical investigation on flexural bond strength behavior of corroded NBS RC beamShetty, A.; Venkataramana, K.; Babu, Narayan, K.S.-
2013Experimental investigation of RC frames using CFRP sheetsPrashanth, M.H.; Babu, Narayan, K.S.; Venkataramana, K.; Sajith, M.-
2008Experimental investigation on dynamic characteristics of structures founded on a dispersive soilJayalekshmi, B.R.; Lohith, K.; Shivashankar, R.; Venkataramana, K.-
2014Experimental studies on the effects of corrosion on the flexural strength of RC beamsPandit, P.; Venkataramana, K.; Babunarayan, K.S.; Parla, B.; Kimura, Y.-
2014Flexural bond strength behaviour in OPC concrete of NBS beam for various corrosion levelsShetty, A.; Venkataramana, K.; Babu, Naraya, K.S.-
2012Free vibration studies of box type laterite masonry structuresUnnikrishnan, S.; Narasimhan, M.C.; Venkataramana, K.-
2012Full scale experiment and finite element modeling of support structures of substation equipment for evaluation of ground motion amplificationNandam, S.; Ramesh, Babu, R.; Venkataramana, K.-
2010Influence of masonry infill on fundamental natural frequency of 2D RC framesChethan, K.; Babu, R.R.; Venkataramana, K.; Sharma, A.-
2019Local site effect incorporation in probabilistic seismic hazard analysis A case study from southern peninsular India, an intraplate regionShreyasvi, C.; Venkataramana, K.; Chopra, S.-
2011Performance appraisal of RC beams using welded wire fabrics as lateral reinforcement in seismic zonesGowda, H.C.C.; Narayan, K.S.B.; Venkataramana, K.-
2012Performance evaluation of rebar in accelerated corrosion by gravimetric loss methodShetty, A.; Venkataramana, K.; Gogoi, I.-
2019Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment of Mangalore and Its Adjoining Regions, A Part of Indian Peninsular: An Intraplate RegionShreyasvi, C.; Venkataramana, K.; Chopra, S.; Rout, M.M.-
2013Seismic response analysis of reinforced concrete frames including soil flexibilityJayalekshmi, B.R.; Deepthi, Poojary, V.G.; Venkataramana, K.; Shivashankar, R.-