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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
1989Asbestos mining - campaign against its utilisation in western worldVenkat Reddy D.-
2011Benefits of paper presentation and publication to research studentsSivasubramaniam S.D.; Venkat Reddy D.-
2011The coastal environment, regulations and fluvial sandsRavindra B.M.; Venkat Reddy D.-
2013Earth sciences and engineering- need for a better interactionReddy P.R.; Venkat Reddy D.-
2013Economic micropaleontology: Anhistorical philosophy of lifeJaiprakash B.C.; Reddy A.N.; Venkat Reddy D.-
2012Effect of urbanization on water service net work in Urban areasPuranik S.C.; Venkat Reddy D.-
2011Energy and climate crisis: Future challengesSingh T.N.; Vishal V.; Venkat Reddy D.-
2013Geothermal resources and carbon dioxide mitigation: Indian scenarioChandrasekharam D.; Venkat Reddy D.-
2014Greenhouse CultivationReddy P.R.; Venkat Reddy D.-
2016Impact due to sunspot activity on climate change: Some salient resultsReddy P.R.; Venkat Reddy D.-
2012International Journal of Biological Sciences and Engineering published by CAFET-INNOVA Technical SocietyVenkat Reddy D.; Hafeez Basha R.; Raju A.-
2012Is the prediction of human generation end by the year 2012? A geologic perspective on mass extensionManjunatha B.R.; Venkat Reddy D.-
2011March 2011, Tsunami disaster in JapanNeelima Satyam D.; Venkat Reddy D.-
2015Mineral wealth of cuddapah basin and its use for sustainable development- An overviewSunitha V.; Venkat Reddy D.; Reddy P.R.-
2014Ocean currents, sea surface temperatures and winds—their role in shaping up many natural phenomenaReddy P.R.; Venkat Reddy D.-
2010Ocean energy technology development - The challenge of this millenniumNeelamani S.; Venkat Reddy D.-
2015Prediction of the Indian summer monsoon rainfallKar S.C.; Venkat Reddy D.-
2010Reservoir - Induced seismicity - Principles for earthquake resistant designs and construction - Latest trends in predictions of earthquakesVenkat Reddy D.-
2016A review of technological development in water hazards control in China coalminesGui H.; Venkat Reddy D.; Sun L.-
2013A voyage to Mangala (Mars) for understanding planetary systemsReddy P.R.; Venkat Reddy D.-