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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2014Acoustic fingerprinting for rock identification during drillingShreedharan, S.; Hegde, C.; Sharma, S.; Vardhan, H.-
2015ANN Models for Prediction of Sound and Penetration Rate in Percussive DrillingKivade, S.B.; Murthy, C.S.N.; Vardhan, H.-
2013Artificial neural network model for prediction of rock properties from sound level produced during drillingRajesh, Kumar, B.; Vardhan, H.; Govindaraj, M.; Saraswathi, P.S.-
2006Assessment of heavy earth-moving machinery noise vis-à-vis routine maintenanceVardhan, H.; Karmakar, N.C.; Rao Y.V.-
2011Assessment of noise and effect of thrust on penetration rate in percussive drillingKivade, S.B.; Murthy, C.S.N.; Vardhan, H.-
2017Assessment of thermally deteriorated concrete by drilling resistance test and sound levelKulkarni, K.S.; Yaragal, S.C.; Babu, Narayan, K.S.; Vardhan, H.-
2020A comparative study on a newly designed ball mill and the conventional ball mill performance with respect to the particle size distribution and recirculating load at the discharge endHanumanthappa, H.; Vardhan, H.; Mandela, G.R.; Kaza, M.; Sah, R.; Shanmugam, B.K.-
2012A critical review on estimation of rock properties using sound levels produced during rotary drillingMasood; Vardhan, H.; Aruna, M.; Rajesh, Kumar, B.-
2006Development of noise spectrum based maintenance guideline for reduction of heavy earth moving machinery noiseVardhan, H.; Adhikari, G.R.-
2011Development of probabilistic simulation model for production optimization in open pit minesRaj M.G.; Vardhan, H.; Rao Y.V.-
2001Dust problems in mechanised underground coal mines : A critical studySastry, V.R.; Vardhan, H.-
2010Estimating rock properties using sound level during drilling: field investigationRajesh, Kumar, B.; Vardhan, H.; Govindaraj, M.-
2009Estimating rock properties using sound levels produced during drillingVardhan, H.; Adhikari, G.R.; Govinda, Raj, M.-
2019Estimating rock properties using sound signal dominant frequencies during diamond core drilling operationsKumar, C.V.; Vardhan, H.; Murthy, C.S.N.; Karmakar, N.C.-
2020Estimation of Grinding Time for Desired Particle Size Distribution and for Hematite Liberation Based on Ore Retention Time in the MillHanumanthappa, H.; Vardhan, H.; Mandela, G.R.; Kaza, M.; Sah, R.; Shanmugam, B.K.-
2019Evaluation of a new vibrating screen for dry screening fine coal with different moisture contentsShanmugam, B.K.; Vardhan, H.; Raj, M.G.; Kaza, M.; Sah, R.; Harish, H.-
2007An experimental investigation of jack hammer drill noise with special emphasis on drilling in rocks of different compressive strengthsVardhan, H.; Murthy, Ch.S.N.-
2008An experimental investigation of the sound level produced by bulldozers with various maintenance schedulesVardhan, H.; Raj, M.G.-
2005Experimental study of sources of noise from heavy earth-moving machineryVardhan, H.; Karmakar, N.C.; Rao, Y.V.-
2003Impact of noise on miners - A critical reviewVardhan, H.; Karmakar, N.C.; Rao, Y.V.-