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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2014A comparative study on the wear behavior of cast and forge aged A356 alloy with addition of grain refiner and/or modifierMallapur, D.G.; Sondur, D.G.; Udupa, K.R.-
2015A comparative study on wear properties of as cast, cast aged and forge aged A356 alloy with addition of grain refiner and/or modifierMallapur, D.G.; Udupa, K.R.-
2017Corrosion behavior of high and low temperature austempered ductile iron (ADI) in iron ore slurryAithal, P.M.; Vijayan, V.; Surendranathan, A.O.; Udupa, K.R.; Samuel, K.G.-
2011Corrosion stability of electrodeposited cyclic multilayer Zn-Ni alloy coatingsBhat, R.S.; Udupa, K.R.; Hegde, A.C.-
2008Development of austempered ductile iron for high tensile and fracture toughness by two step austempering processRavishankar, K.S.; Udupa, K.R.; Rao, P.P.-
2016Effect of current density during electrodeposition on microstructure and hardness of textured Cu coating in the application of antimicrobial Al touch surfaceAugustin, A.; Huilgol, P.; Udupa, K.R.; Bhat, K, U.-
2019Effect of hydrodynamics on the flow accelerated corrosion (FAC) and electrochemical impedance behavior of line pipe steel for petroleum industryAjmal, T.S.; Arya, S.B.; Udupa, K.R.-
2017Effect of Multi Directional Forging on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Zn-24 wt% Al-2 wt% Cu AlloySharath, P.C.; Udupa, K.R.; Kumar, G.V.P.-
2018Effect of T6 treatment on the coefficient of friction of Al25Mg2Si2Cu4Fe alloySondur, D.G.; Mallapur, D.G.; Udupa, K.R.-
2015Electron microscopic study of nodules formed during electrodeposition of copper on aluminiumAugustin, A.; Bhat, K.U.; Udupa, K.R.; Hegde, A.C.-
2004Estimation of embrittlement during aging of AISI 316 stainless steel TIG weldsNayak, J.; Udupa, K.R.; Hebbar, K.R.; Nayak, H.V.S.-
2018Experimental analysis of volumetric wear behavioural and mechanical properties study of as cast and 1Hr homogenized Al-25Mg2Si2Cu4Ni alloy at constant loadHarlapur, M.D.; Mallapur, D.G.; Udupa, K.R.-
2018Experimental studies on mechanical properties of T6 treated Al25Mg2Si2Cu4Fe alloySondur, D.G.; Mallapur, D.G.; Udupa, K.R.-
2018Experimental wear behavioral studies of as-cast and 5 hr homogenized Al25Mg2Si2Cu4Ni alloy at constant load based on taguchi methodHarlapur, M.D.; Mallapur, D.G.; Udupa, K.R.-
2010Grinding wear behaviour of stepped austempered ductile Iron as media material during comminution of Iron ore in ball millsRaghavendra, H.; Bhat, K.L.; Udupa, K.R.; Hegde, M.M.R.-
2019Hot Corrosion Resistance of Hot-Dip-Aluminized AISI 321 Stainless Steel in a Salt Mixture of 60%V2O5 + 40% Na2SO4 at 700 CHuilgol, P.; Udupa, K.R.; Bhat, K.U.-
2018Hot-dip Aluminizing of Low Carbon Steel in Al & Al-5wt % Cr BathsHuilgol, P.; Bhat, K.U.; Udupa, K.R.-
2010Improvement in fracture toughness of austempered ductile iron by two-step austempering processRavishankar, K.S.; Rao, P.P.; Udupa, K.R.-
2016Indentation creep studies to evaluate the mechanical properties of stainless steel weldsPrasanna, H.U.; Udupa, K.R.-
2011Influence of Ti, B and Sr on the microstructure and mechanical properties of A356 alloyMallapur, D.G.; Kori, S.A.; Udupa, K.R.-