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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
20144-Nitrobenzoic acid-sulfathiazole (1/1)Oruganti, M.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2018Aminophenol based colorimetric chemosensor for naked-eye detection of biologically important fluoride and acetate ions in organo-aqueous medium: Effective and simple anion sensorsSingh, A.; Tom, S.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2019Bithiophene based red light emitting material - Photophysical and DFT studiesMohan, M.; Satyanarayan, M.N.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2016Bovine serum albumin catalyzed one-pot, three-component synthesis of dihydropyrano[2,3-c]pyrazole derivatives in aqueous ethanolDalal, K.S.; Tayade, Y.A.; Wagh, Y.B.; Trivedi, D.R.; Dalal, D.S.; Chaudhari, B.L.-
2013A catalyst- and solvent-free three-component reaction for the regioselective one-pot access to polyfunctionalized pyrrolesBhat, S.I.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2018Cocrystal of nutraceutical sinapic acid with Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients ethenzamide and 2-chloro-4-Nitrobenzoic acid: Equilibrium solubility and stability studyNechipadappu, S.K.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2016Cocrystals of Ethenzamide: Study of Structural and Physicochemical PropertiesHariprasad, V.M.; Nechipadappu, S.K.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2018Colorimetric and fluorometric turn-on sensor for selective detection of fluoride ions: Sol-gel transition studies and theoretical insightsPangannaya, S.; Mohan, M.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2018Colorimetric anion sensors based on positional effect of nitro group for recognition of biologically relevant anions in organic and aqueous medium, insight real-life application and DFT studiesSingh, A.; Sahoo, S.K.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2012Colorimetric receptors for naked eye detection of inorganic fluoride ion in aqueous media using ICT mechanismMadhuprasad; Shetty, A.N.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2012Condensation of malononitrile with salicylaldehydes and o-aminobenzaldehydes revisited: Solvent and catalyst free synthesis of 4H-chromenes and quinolinesBhat, S.I.; Choudhury, A.R.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2017Design and synthesis of a new organic receptor and evaluation of colorimetric anion sensing ability in organo-aqueous mediumSrikala, P.; Tarafder, K.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2020Design and synthesis of malonohydrazide based colorimetric receptors for discrimination of maleate over fumarate and detection of F?, AcO? and AsO2 ? ionsSingh, A.; Mohan, M.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2014Dual colorimetric receptor with logic gate operations: Anion induced solvatochromismMadhuprasad; Swathi, N.; Manjunatha, J.R.; Das, U.K.; Shetty, A.N.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2015An Efficient Three-component, One-pot Synthesis of Quinazolines under Solvent-free and Catalyst-free ConditionBhat, S.I.; Das, U.K.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2018Electroanalytical and spectral investigation of organic receptors as colorimetric and absorption ratiometric anion chemosensorPangannaya, S.; Thimaradka, V.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2017Electrooptical characteristics and anion binding behaviour of organic receptors: Effect of substitution on colorimetric responsePangannaya, S.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2019Exploring the possibilities of double proton transfer in hydrazides: A theoretical approachMohan, M.; Satyanarayan, M.N.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2013Fast and efficient synthesis of N-substituted ?-aminobutyric acids by grinding at room temperatureBhat, S.I.; Trivedi, D.R.-
2019Functionalized pyrene-based AIEgens: synthesis, photophysical characterization and density functional theory studiesMohan, M.; James, J.; Satyanarayan, M.N.; Trivedi, D.R.-