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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2021Bimetallic nanoparticles grafted ZnO hierarchical structures as efficient visible light driven photocatalyst: An experimental and theoretical studyShenoy S.; Tarafder K.; Sridharan K.-
2021Effect of Fe3+ substitution on the structural modification and band structure modulated UV absorption of hydroxyapatiteHadagalli K.; Shenoy S.; Shakya K.R.; Manjunath G.; Tarafder K.; Mandal S.; Basu B.-
2020Enhanced photocatalytic efficiency of layered CdS/CdSe heterostructures: Insights from first principles electronic structure calculationsShenoy S.; Tarafder K.-
2021Enhanced quantum capacitance in chemically modified graphene electrodes: Insights from first principles electronic structures calculationsSruthi T.; Tarafder K.-
2020Graphitic C3N4/CdS composite photocatalyst: Synthesis, characterization and photodegradation of methylene blue under visible lightShenoy S.; Tarafder K.; Sridharan K.-
2021One-dimensional multichannel g-C3N4.7nanostructure realizing an efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction and its theoretical investigationsAntil B.; Kumar L.; Ranjan R.; Shenoy S.; Tarafder K.; Gopinath C.S.; Deka S.-
2020Phenanthroimidazole-based chromophores for organic light-emitting diodes: synthesis, photophysical, and theoretical studyTagare J.; Verma N.; Tarafder K.; Vaidyanathan S.-
2021Pressure-driven structural and spin-state transition in a Hofmann clathrate coordination polymerReddy I.R.; Oppeneer P.M.; Tarafder K.-
2020Spin transport through metal-dichalcogenides layers: a study from first-principles calculationsDevaraj N.; Tarafder K.-
2020Structure-sensitive electrocatalytic reduction of co2 to methanol over carbon-supported intermetallic ptzn nano-alloysPayra S.; Shenoy S.; Chakraborty C.; Tarafder K.; Roy S.-
2019Synthesis and characterization of Cu doped CdTe thin films for solar cell applicationRay S.; Bangera K.V.; Tarafder K.-
2020Theoretical Investigations of Electronic Structure and Magnetic and Optical Properties of Transition-Metal Dinuclear MoleculesReddy I.R.; Tarafder K.-